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in 2016, the volume of express services nationwide has reached 31 billion 300 million. That’s good news and bad news.

This type of

a new station: This article is mainly aimed at Taobao guest website: how to improve your site in sh419’s weight and ranking, improve repeat customers, improve the commodity trading volume, the ultimate aim is to improve their income

here includes the postal service, Feng nest, goodaymart Roca, Jingdong from mentioning cabinet to make full use of resources in the upper reaches of the big game player and express the e stack, warehouses, delivery, cloud Princess cabinet and other small and medium sized industry platform, which can be divided into the electricity supplier system, Express Department and third party three class.


1, grab the ground, that is self built, on behalf of: Courier cabinets


first, often go to popular BBS post, add your web site, but don’t send pure boring post, want to have actual content of the post, the best is original content, the effect is excellent.

market eventually lean towards,


turns around, and in order to solve the last 100 meters, there are two modes: grab the ground and rob people,

how to increase the site’s exposure rate, as follows

Who will the balance of the

good news is due to rising labor costs, delivery, community safety restrictions or courier delivery time is tight and other reasons, often at the end of the distribution of the final part is not up to the "door to door" service standards, and gives entrepreneurs the opportunity. The current station in the last one hundred meters final, mainly divided into "smart courier cabinet" and "Internet plus mailroom" mode. The former, Feng nest, courier and other votes easily, the latter has @ @ mail room, panda fast station, rookie post station and so on.

when you use the website to promote it

fifth, join some shopping group and Taobao want group, send your website introduction, with web site, establish good reputation.

actually site is not difficult, rare in your persistence. Do you make money, make money, but why so many people earn less than, and also at a loss, behind an excellent web site there will definitely be a good person, his mind, his hard, his decision to adhere to his success, saying: opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared no, no, no, consciousness, can do what

second, go to sh419, know and sh419 post bar, SOSO and other websites post and communicate with users. In sh419 know or sh419 stick, don’t mess up, you sure you can answer, sh419 audit of other websites is more strict.

for the "final 100 meters" competition, some people understand the courier cabinets, stores, post offices, community convenience stores and other camps, and the bell that is "grab" and "grab" two categories.

third, go to your local forum post, or in the Taobao forum posting, the same method! In Taobao forum post, if it is a good original article, the effect is very good.

fourth, looking for links, adhere to every day to find a link, similar site effect is good.

ah!The operation steps of

sites do guest, my general approach is to avoid the popular words, specializing in small words, the effect is good, and the index of small words targeted, I sample a station for the Taobao keyword domain name for gold crown, its abbreviation tbjhg, easy to remember, Taobao search gold crown, is sure to purchase amount the larger the goods if it is a small commodity shop you need to go to the golden crown, because the gold crown is the highest level of Taobao, high credibility, good customer service service. If the word goes up, then there will be a lot of commission. Because they all have obvious shopping desires learn to analyze consumer search habits, and the competition of this word is smaller.

summary: more communication with users, go to some shops around, go to some forums around, everyone may be your potential customers, often write original articles, increase the weight of the site. Learn to analyze the advantages of small words, and if you can, you can even

typically stands for locating office parks

the bad news is that by the end of 2016, many small companies engaged in terminal 100 logistics services suddenly found themselves unable to finance their money. Finally, the competition of the 100 meter logistics has entered the final stage, and the requirements for the mode and scale of competitors have been raised. Small companies have been faced with the fate of "natural elimination".

currently see feng nest, courier volume has a greater advantage. They mainly provide the application scenario is "the user in the home and work place near the place, from the express cabinet from express delivery package", take the way is self built, "borrow" others to build high cabinet wall. It also includes some stores, such as the "SF" "Hey" store and the "express supermarket". Both the land and the leased land are new scenes cabinets or stores in the original scenes.

is similar to the easy generation of driving and the taxi drops, the Crowdsourcing +O2O way for property, convenience stores in the community and office buildings and other physical space cooperation, the use of idle labor, the surplus in the property space capacity, a mail room, complete collection of services on behalf of. In this model, both mobile positioning and data technology, or through the construction of end delivery sharing platform, or direct use of the existing mail room, property management office, are using "people" in the fill.

2, rob people, that is, sharing, on behalf of: transceiver room

guest has several forms, namely, website promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion, group promotion or forum. The most promising way to make the most money is website promotion. Of course, if you have more time, you can use other ways to operate

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