How can Adsense make money from an advertising allianceDiscussion how to obtain more business inform

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

, our company established a business website, the main production of welding equipment and refractory materials, joined the hundred search engine

rankings, but received mostly sell information, as a small private enterprises, still want to through this website

1, find the right path. Does your client surf the Internet? What are the main sites? Can those sites link to your website? Can your customers easily find your website? Do you understand your product price, performance, quality through your website? What’s your way and your customers to communicate with each other? If you know that, I don’t think you’ll have that problem.    

2, recommended registration to the industry website belongs to the network, a long-term development of the road will go, need patience!    

4, currently only rely on a new website to get customers some difficulty, suggestions or ideas borrowed chicken eggs.    

5, return to the end, you think what is the Internet? Don’t tell him that you must be equal to anything, he is dead, but the media a lot of e-commerce, but is in fact a media mail order only and digital libraries and social places. What can be done is also very clear, hee hee!    

6, network, media can be, can be a business, but not both. Common situation, some people regard the network as both the media, but also to make business selling things, destined to be a mess.    

7, the network is a platform for the exchange of information, but only temporarily in Chinese has not been fully developed and function only, who will pick up gold in the virgin land, you have to understand it, or can only be in the dark, the above posts do not know those layman posted, really funny    


with the development of network, the number of sites is also increasing. In these sites, there are many personal websites. In the website, one part is purely by interest to build, one part is used to obtain income. Even in the site, because the site construction and maintenance also need to invest money, so are looking for ways to make money. this list of advertising www.admin5 original, reproduced please note

now way the website makes money a lot, but it is still rely on advertising to make money. Now the advertisement in a buyer’s market, advertising is the most headache problem. Now a lot of advertising alliance, provides convenient conditions for the webmaster for advertising. But now advertising ichthyosaurs mixed, advertising owners must open eyes, choose a credit union, or not to earn money not to say, my heart still exist in the current block. The main problem is the advertising alliance:

is the credibility of the league. In general, you should choose a business qualification, is the best business license and ICP with all the advertising alliance. Some advertising alliance even telephone did not leave a Dudu, No. , some also leave a phone or PHS mobile phone. Some also take small well-informed as fixed telephone and this is well recognized, and asked if they had a fax, a company will not even fax are not right.

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