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special management activity started, it has got the strong cooperation of the basic telecommunication enterprise and the industrial chain each link. China Mobile has formulated the corresponding measures in five aspects, the first is no obstacle to unsubscribe; second is Shouwenfuze; third is the tariff is explicit; fourth business experience; fifth is the implementation of short message service in September last year the order confirmation. China Unicom also in accordance with the requirements, in some details on the above clearly defined. Mainly from 6 aspects of improvement, in propaganda, customization, fees, services and other aspects of the long-term mechanism and so on.

: do you listen to music while you’re at work? Who do you listen to if you listen to it,

as of now, governance activities have achieved significant results. In 2006, the operators handled 973 enterprises with default information service, and they respectively dealt with the procedures of stopping fees, closing business and terminating cooperation. At the same time, customer complaints are showing a steady downward trend. Among them, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other provinces fell by more than 60%.

in addition, the liquidation Division will act according to the SP charging behavior dial test mechanism, the recent organization related personnel to SP business charges behavior dial test check, found irregularities will be dealt with severely according to law.

Hiester Rom recently received a brief interview with TheVerge about his long-term focus on Instagram, the long-term usefulness of image filtering services and his initial impressions of the internet. Here’s what he interviewed:

at the end of 2006, the Ministry of information industry decided to use half a year or so to conduct and regulate mobile information service charges and charges in the country.

: do you have a camera? If so, what does it look like? What lens and film do you use? When do you usually use it?

technology news Lin Jingdong December 2nd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Kevin Kevin Systrom? Sister Roma is one of the most popular photo sharing site Instagram CEO and co-founder. He sold the company to Facebook in April at a price of nearly $1 billion. Before setting up Instagram, he spent some time at Odeo and spent two years working with shlf1314, mainly developing consumer products such as Gmail.

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: how do you plan your daily work,

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: who is your biggest concern on Instagram,

      before the liquidation of the Ministry of Information Industry Department held SP charge management briefing in beijing. According to the reporter, the special meeting was launched in June 2006, mobile information service charges in the governance of a necessary link.

informed the meeting of progress this year SP toll control work and the next step of work, requirements related to basic telecom enterprises and SP enterprises to further improve the understanding, understanding of the situation; strengthen management, standardize the behavior; clear responsibility, perfect the mechanism, to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the SP industry, at the same time requirements related to basic telecom enterprises to fully implement the pre for the recent governance spirit, users reflect the outstanding problems, and actively take effective measures to intensify the management of SP enterprise.

answer: because I want to often carry a product team, engineers and designers everywhere, to open meetings, so I seldom have time to sit down and listen to music, but as long as the situation permits, I was very happy to listen to music. I spent most of my time listening to my friend’s collection songs on Spotify, and using Pitchfork or KCRW applications to find songs for new artists.

: end the day’s work at the company’s headquarters, set up a calendar for the rest of the week, and try not to check email again and again.


: I have a Canon 20D, but I don’t remember when I last used it. Since I bought iPhone 4, I’m totally hooked on taking pictures with my cell phone. There are some restrictions on taking pictures with your cell phone. You have to look at the world around you more carefully, and that will make you a better photographer.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Kevin Systrom? Sister Roma

: what are you doing now,

answer: frankly, I’m not a man with a plan. I usually run in the morning to go out, then drink a cup of Aisiba before work properly Espresso coffee, I am not a person too observant of conventional standards. Life like this is more interesting.


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