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now, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li and others blew it off.

Spring Festival in 2017, WeChat reached a total of 46 billion red envelopes to send and receive, Alipay has 168 million people gathered five and divided up the red 200 million yuan.

review of the Spring Festival this year, the Internet three word list again, everyone will become the key words to talk about, like WeChat, Alipay and other red envelopes in recent years has become a need to participate in activities.

then, no mobile Internet, not only WeChat, , Alipay has just become independent from Taobao split, payment instruments, acquisition of Alibaba Yahoo China. sh419 just listed in the United States, quiet in joy. Lenovo, the big brother of China’s personal computer, officially announced the acquisition of IBM’s personal computer business.


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sh419: just listed, driven by the stock

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2005, for sh419, the biggest thing is listed on the NASDAQ in the United States, this day, Robin Li thrilled, the first taste of the "billionaire" feeling.


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at the time, however, these internet giants were on the eve of a big explosion, and many of them were about to reap even bigger red envelopes".


listed on the same day, the excitement of sh419 employees even played a "sh419 people are OK" banner, to "very good" two words darker than the "bank", joy filled with joy.

but in the year of chicken 12 years ago, these things were unthinkable.

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one hundred years of a century, a sixty year cycle, a cycle of twelve years.

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2017 Spring Festival, mobile Internet traffic consumption of 259 million 10 thousand G. And new year’s Eve, mobile data traffic consumption of 35 million 980 thousand G, mobile data traffic peak day of the first day, the day of mobile data traffic consumption 39 million 900 thousand G.

2017, we’re coming to a new year of chicken.

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they had 8 billionaires, 50 millionaires and 400 millionaires, even the company operator, because the shares held by the company, all of a sudden also to honor to join the ranks of millionaires.

August 5, 2005, sh419 successfully listed on the Nasdaq, its share price from the issue price of $39, the highest rushed to $150, after the closing at 122· 54 U.S. dollars, compared with the issue price rose 354%. Listed on the day of the stock price, the company’s market capitalization of up to $3 billion 960 million.

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from that day on, Robin Li became a billionaire with hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth, and joined him in the myth of wealth, as well as sh419 Inc employees.


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