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walking became entrepreneurs in the forest of giant field survival not many opportunities and methods, such as social acquaintances have WeChat, stranger social MOMO, if there is no better model, simple to do this two piece does not have the too big significance. But anonymous social networking is a field that no one has ever paid attention to

website profit model: the main push Ali mother provides advertising, advertising on the upper right side of each channel, pages detail page is shown at the bottom of the article, at the same time show page shlf1314 ads, or that sentence, advertising added must consider the user experience, including the correlation and appearance of all aspects of the page we must consider. On the whole, the profit point of the website is advertisement.

first used on the structure in the layout of the page, above the Ali Mama advertising, of course, advertising the show is a fine living, in show advertising should also consider visitors user experience, here are some special advisory posts, do good for visitors to provide: 1. this paper, consulting. 2. is good for search engine optimization.

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in the past few days, the Internet is China Alibaba press F5 key, again to refresh the Internet acquisitions record and the whole pattern of the Internet, UC and swallowed Star Enterprise Mobile Internet, the mobile internet module a beautiful.

of this risk is relatively large, needless to say, since the giants have been done, and do very mature entrepreneurs to enter the field, will be quite cautious, such as social, before , after WeChat, plus LINE, MOMO, contacts, easy to believe, meet etc. a lot of covering all areas of social networking tools. At this point, to do a pure chat tool, the death rate is close to 100%. It is said that in the early days, Sina saw the Tencent to do good, he also designed a IM tool, tall, full-featured, but eventually dropped. That’s true for big companies, let alone grassroots entrepreneurs,

now, Taobao guest website is more and more fire, Taobao customer profit model, let many novice friends for heart. The heart is a generous commission, as the pond and the netting! Today siege studio will be to beauty shopping network hereinafter referred to as the us to analyze some problems needing attention in the construction of Taobao customers in.

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when people for sh419 1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 assistant sound amazing sound has not been completely dispersed, Ali 40 say 5 billion dollars takeover again to a heavy bomb, thus, it is not difficult to imagine, behind the domestic Internet will have more large-scale acquisitions, even as the super luxury trading as Facebook190 billion dollars the acquisition of WhatsApp scale is not possible. The next acquisition is not important, the giants of the game as young girl’s mind as difficult to guess.

Internet resources are highly concentrated in some of the giants, this trend is more and more obvious, and do not say social, electricity providers, application stores and other popular areas, only to brush machine software this niche market to see the influence of the Giants: the division of the first brush brush machine domestic brand sub brand ROOT master, master save brick etc. is the holding company of Tencent, several other influential brand and giant close brush Wizard Tencent wholly acquired, Zhuo master sh419 shares, 360 brush Qihoo 360’s products · · · · · · we should be more concerned about is as an entrepreneur, in giant buildings, oligarchs over the years, how do we survive? We have a chance? What should we do?

beauty shopping guide network is divided into seven parts: home, weight loss, beauty, freckle, acne, breast enhancement, fashion magazines. Among them, weight loss, beauty, freckle, acne, breast enhancement using a unified template. Aims to provide users with relevant beauty advice, knowledge, etc., at the same time, appropriate and appropriate to introduce inexpensive beauty products to visitors, to help them save shopping time.

in the art website, the main colors with green to grayish green, because it is the female station, give people a fresh feeling, especially in the hot summer, and elegant gray can make the entire page "quiet" outstanding green, green played a role of eyeball.


at SEO, the home page Taobao keyword positioning best to lose weight, acne freckle, breast beauty products beauty shopping network, because it is the home page, so these words must be put to, and then each channel page Keywords: slimming, beauty, freckle, acne, breast main push each channel, because the channel page here. Is in fact a special page, a high correlation to the entire page, so the page on the main channel of weight loss, beauty, freckle, acne, breast products. In the article detailed page will display 8 related articles under the same channel, so that the site can be connected to the formation of a spider web, add internal links. On the detailed page is to do a good job of anti chain. The visitor comments at the bottom of the article page can reduce page similarity.

, in an era when the moral threshold is constantly being refreshed, giants have again and again renewed their caps on mergers and Acquisitions:

1, the giants have done it, but there are differentiated

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