The starting point of Chinese network protest read tort grand prize was collecting starsA brief anal

2, the other site is hotlinking has evidence, will be issued a lawyer’s letter.

is the platform of the Internet with the help of Wangzhuan only, not what all propaganda, what all business and behaviors are related to the Internet, it is with a leg in the feeling of walking, we want to do Wangzhuan, in focus on the Internet, but also on the line the sales market, to use two legs to walk, nature can more quickly occupy the markets, so do online sales online but also to a store, if you engage in online training on the Internet, so the line can also engage in training class, let the line of each other, the more likely to get a good nature the effect of


for this, the northern network reporter for the first time telephone connection interviewed the starting point of the Chinese network CEO Hou Xiaoqiang, he expressed the maintenance of copyright, and protect China’s original literature clear-cut position. The starting point of the Chinese web is as follows:

to become a master that takes special management skills, able to understand the cost analysis, financial management, but also to understand the logistics management, product analysis, market analysis and so on, than the reality of the enterprises need to know how things will be more, so as to ensure they have very good competitiveness on the Internet, or is very difficult to be successful! Unless you are prepared to do some toil Wangzhuan, this is the realm of poor and master Wangzhuan too much

3, the attitude of the Chinese network is not allowed to continue writing stars change, but as the Internet has a wide impact on the "stars change", its continued writing to be officially authorized. In order to better promote the "stars" was written, starting point Chinese network launched grand prize was the stars collection activities. The aim is to standardize the network creation market with market power.

actually do business do Wangzhuan and reality, do business to be successful, there is no network is very difficult, and this is our character, who have been taught at home by their parents, friends, our lives are in a word, if a person is successful this, by using the if not successful, reach the acme of perfection, most of them are particularly strong self-esteem, life doesn’t ask that, although I admire these people, but very few of these people can be successful in business, this is perhaps the reason in ancient merchants than farmers have low definition of low, but now the merchant’s low has become greatly different, ranked second, visible now by the word well used is also very powerful connections can often succeed


two: Wangzhuan and combined with the line is the foundation of the success of

5, Shanda literature will, as always, provide better service to the vast numbers of users, and continue to defend the author’s legitimate rights and interests.

four: adhere to the study of innovation is the core of

4, the starting point of Chinese web, has been authorized by the author of "star change" to handle this matter. The author of "star change" has apologized and started taking part in the writing of the Chinese Web site.

1, to read the behavior of indignation, infringement is so obvious, but righteous, incredible, beyond the bottom line.

do Wangzhuan can have that too observant of conventional standards., from time to time to learn the spirit of There’s no making without breaking., innovation, to innovation, otherwise it is very difficult to become the master of innovation Wangzhuan, but itself has a certain talent besides the usual studious Caixing, otherwise there is no way to success! You can say that persist in learning "

In fact, Is the same as the

1: never understand the management to have the extraordinary management ability transformation,

Do Wangzhuan !

North news: Internet writer I eat tomatoes at the starting point Chinese network original novel "stars" became extremely popular, recently, read the net to the author of the novel to "do not eat tomatoes as a pseudonym, to read the network began writing" stars goes back ", caused by" stars goes "Copyright owner the starting point Chinese protest, starting point to read the net letter asked to immediately stop the infringement, according to this requirement, read the network launched a protest Chinese net users starting point.

three: to operate a strong network of contacts,

is currently Wangzhuan more popular keywords, a sh419 index hovering around 3000, visible attention is very high, so many people concerned about or engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, but it can really make money is one of the few people can truly become master Wangzhuan people that are less and less visible. Wangzhuan master practice is very difficult, we are going to talk about a Wangzhuan master how to make

persistence Wangzhuan !

yesterday 9 days, grand literature announces to 1 million yuan authorized to grand game "star changes" game reorganization right, announce with 300 thousand yuan bonus collect "star changes" post – handed works.

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