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shared bicycle hot, one hand to the development of other shared items, on the other hand, the activation of the networking market, sharing, sharing an umbrella project such as charging treasure actually is the networking market development of representative products, the economy will share some common and universal tool network, makes sharing management based on the operation of the network. The networking and sharing economy of common tools supplement each other.

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most participants shared economic investment investors don’t care about the current B2C share of economic bubble exists, is not false sharing, they want the project sustainable development ability and the future value of the derivative.

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things have cried a lot of years earlier, the main development direction of the market has two aspects, one is the enterprise networking service, is home to the two level Home Furnishing intelligent networking market development and consumer service market there has been no substantive products, while sharing on bicycle is the most representative of the significance of the product just before, due to the shared concept of heat, while ignoring the characteristics of things it.

overall, shared economy is the Internet of things in the mass consumer services market

has always been the media sharing in the tangle of authenticity, and share the economic bubble, the history of the Internet experience has proven that the "air" and "bubble" bubble is normal as the shadow follows the form, do not have to worry about. If we erase this layer of foam, the moment, the essence of sharing the economy is to promote the "common tools" and "self-help terminal" networking, in other words, sharing the economy is driving the next market outlet.



in addition, the sharing economy also led the tide of self-help terminals networking, self-help laundry, mini KTV, self-help massage chairs and other projects on the sharing of concepts, more and faster access to the public eye. After the self-service terminal networking, it has become a representative project of sharing economy.

1, traffic is not limited,

from Uber to airbnb to share the bicycle, sharing charge treasure, sharing the economic development continue to evolve, if still only see the sharing of bike is "deposit financial mode" false sharing, it is difficult to see the development trend of economic market share.

advertising prices, the best in site IP divided by 50 floating around, such as your website 5000IP, then package weeks one week price the standard is 100 yuan, the position can be more, less bad position. As long as the price of this price up and down, advertisers will purchase 90%.

of course, sharing entrepreneurial innovation project economy is not limited to these common tools and self-service terminals, there are some 2B, marketing, service sharing projects, but not all self-service terminals are marked by shared labels, such as vending machines, self-service Juicer didn’t give myself with "sharing" label.

billion, we can see the paste, the following are some related problems:

sharing bike, in addition to the deposit, the financial way to the industry a lesson, will bike networking, opened another market door – mass consumer services, Internet of things, market-oriented development of the door.

sharing economy is promoting "common tools" and "self-service terminals" networking

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