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first, how do I get the first batch of users?

so far, there have been 282 new board companies announced to accept the listing counseling, receiving a IPO audit of 64 new board business, but the successful landing A shares and delisting, only 13.

was challenged by many value investors when he introduced the concept of philately.

May 2015, Chinese Guangzhou – an almost no winter, a man named "bull", has 10 years of experience in investment securities of individual investors, clearly put forward the concept of Philately, but he is not the first stamp.

second, any product to use social product transmission power, content and way must be developers think carefully, and before the new product line should be designed.

At that time,

during this period, >

this group buying quasi IPO three new board stock investors, has become a "stamp party", they formed a team after fermentation, go forward with great strength and vigour, a period of deliberation, we entered the white hot state.

when developers have a good idea, turn it into a product, they will encounter this first problem, how to get the first batch of users?.

because at first, the logic of the new three board market is not stamp collecting at all. Three new board real money market is at the end of 2014 to early 2015, according to Daniel memories, when the entire new third market only more than 1000 stocks, in line with the 5 yuan / share, the following agreement on the transfer of shares, to buy second days will be able to earn 2-3 times.

is as follows:

Tencent, said that Tencent would invest 2 billion yuan this year to support small and medium developers.

for the majority of developers, Tangdao Sheng speech than the money to more valuable, in fact he is for developers, entrepreneurs how to break off the five recommendations — of course, these suggestions are in the context of the Tencent open platform.

old fish know that with the volatility of the market, the weakness of human nature will be exposed. But there is no doubt that the quality of the stock is more suitable for the long term, this is now earn several times. Therefore, shortly after admission, Fisher recognized philatelic practices, and became a member of the army go forward with great strength and vigour of philately.

second, how to translate application installations into active users?

1 buy scarce chips, stamp tide is not a good signal

soon, as A stocks continue to brush high records, the market funds overflow, and began landing three new board, joined the rush to raise the army. But with a lot of publicity, the amount of shares issued, the first half of 2015, has more than 5000 listed company three new board market will soon enter the state of stagflation, with Daniel’s words, "to grab chips started off".

Tencent Inc President Liu Chiping said, since the establishment of the Tencent open platform, the developer’s share of income has reached 3 billion yuan. And 2013 full year, will be divided into 3 billion yuan to developers.

but the prototype dates back to the Zhongguancun agency stock transfer system in 2011, recalled by an early individual investor, when hundreds of shares flew out of 11 phoenix".

in April 2015 to the cold chain 830822.OC announced the listing counseling, three new board market began to enter the "tide of counseling". A group of astute investors seized the opportunity.

, Tencent’s WeChat, , QZone, and micro-blog are word-of-mouth social platforms that allow creative apps to be available to the first users.

general practice is to find some contact with the user’s opportunity, for example, to find friends website forum, micro-blog, to buy advertising, engage in activities, these practices are right, a recent call crazy guess map applications quickly became popular, cause our thinking. Here we estimate in mobile phone even at the PC social networking site there will be a crazy guess figure of the wind, in WeChat, micro-blog in the group, or space, when a friend for help and clearance of the show, many users have asked whether these figures are what to download and experience? The application then, this example gives us two lessons.

first, word of mouth is still the most effective way to get new users, while social networking has greatly lowered the threshold for word of mouth and become the most efficient communication scene.

Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of

for mobile developers, the installation is a very important indicator, each installation may have to spend a lot of cost to obtain. However, the general application, from download to installation, installation to registration, as well as the user from landing to become long-term users, each link has different costs. According to our research, many users in the process of trying new users, when he met with the account password re registration will soon give up, even if you want to register, most users can not remember the password, can not remember the account password can not log in again, the user just lost.

was more serious but sell. "The main reason is that there were fewer chips and more chips at the time," he said. "This is the basic logic of Daniel, and we must grab the scarce chips.".

Tencent partners conference was held at the National Conference Center in Beijing today.

now, stamp party who shouted "we do not produce stock, we only stock Porter" slogan, but stocks soared continuously collecting stamps, a danger signal began to flicker, the senators became wary of collecting stamps.


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