Qihoo 27 days after the implementation of the new price level adjustment2009 opening shop must know



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· six Star: IP more than 50000 daily average settlement price: 25 yuan /1000 click IP
· five star: click on the IP10000-50000 daily settlement price: 20 yuan /1000 click on the IP
· four star: click on the IP4000-10000 daily settlement price: 18 yuan /1000 click IP
· SamSung class: Daily click IP2000-4000 settlement price: 16 yuan /1000 click IP
· two star: click on the IP1000-2000 daily settlement price: 14 yuan /1000 click IP
· a star: Daily click below IP1000 settlement price: 12 yuan /1000 click IP

good product positioning, price set well, then you are landing, in essence, to grasp the new flat, in principle, to shop goods go up, because each of the guests, hope oneself by visiting the store products rich, if you are a superb collection of beautiful things, a few things only dry people will not believe, to second times. Moreover, the product shop is much, there is a foreshadowing here. Because Taobao’s recommendation is not to buy, but according to your credit and the number of goods in the store, you can get the corresponding recommendation. Therefore, when your credit is still low, it is of great benefit to get a classified recommendation.

online sales, there is no rent pressure, no industrial and commercial tax worries, and no triad harassment, so, as long as we can have a good source of goods, it is a piece of money, it is very easy. So, the price must be cheaper than the net, do not mind too black, others can refer to the price cheaper as much cheaper, so there will be a lot of money to the guests to come in, then you better service, the number of guests and become your long-term customers.

products have been selected, then you must get a detailed product description. I have been to some sellers shop, the product description is quite simple, then a few words, a few words, let people see this, foggy image points can be discounted. A good note, not just that. It embodies the respect for the sellers buyers of their products, respect, good products, not only attract knowledgeable buyers come in, can provide help for those who don’t understand but interested in the product of the novice, let them sell to you what interest, to fall in love with you shop. In particular, a detailed product description will make every guest feel that the seller is an expert, and that your own trust and product trust a little bit more yo.

‘s first trick: product positioning

second trick: price positioning

open a shop on the Internet, and a real shop on the net, is completely different, in the network, as long as the location of your store not too poor, small businesses can do well, even if they are selling a very popular thing, a lot of the same can be earned. It’s much harder to do business on the internet. Generally speaking, in the online sales, it is best to find the net is not easy to buy things for sale, such as special crafts, gifts, custom limited edition baby, designer clothing, electronic products and so on, so that the special fancier will find your store, if you work with him, that business is steady, back.

fourth trick: detailed product description

third trick: rich product

fifth trick: Forum release

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, your store is open, the product is on, and the features also have, but still no one clinch a deal, how to do? Ha ha, we want to take the initiative

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