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UGC class community products, the audience can be basically divided into two categories of people: A, content creators, B, readers.

is responsible for words and deeds Responsibility

they are going to do is simple: for young people marriage market, through more direct channels, allowing users to buy more cost-effective diamonds; at the same time, enterprises to maintain a reasonable profit, rather than the traditional jewelry industry profits 6-10 times.


for product design, it is necessary to define the "public areas" and "private areas" of the community. in daily life, not in public. In civilized countries

for weak ties, strong content communities, basically content to attract users, and then precipitation users through the relationship.

Sense of belonging

, for the operators, needs to be delivered at all times. "You have the right to do this, but you have to take the consequences."

Ke diamond, CEO, Guo Feng,

1. defines the core user group

2011, Tencent investment in diamond, the amount of rumors amounted to 30 million U. s.dollars. The Tencent investment has changed the model of the diamond". Prior to this, the user to buy a diamond diamond need to pay a deposit, Ke diamond with their own funds and user deposits to buy raw materials processing and production, 20 days after the user can get the goods, the settlement of the final paragraph. The disadvantage of this model is that the larger the business, the more cash the fund does not open, the user experience is not good.

Kelan diamond CEO Guo Feng

like drawn to like

started 1 million yuan diamond

I chose the "user operation" to answer this question,

and traditional jewelry is different, Ke LAN diamond 80% customers from the Internet, online revenue accounted for 40% of the overall revenue, accounting for 60% of the line. At present, Kelan diamond in the 33 national city with 36 store experience, experience stores as warehouses, since some large payment, money, experience, customer service service such as multiple roles.

2. how to attract and retain users

TechWeb pictures

at that time, the e-commerce circle has one hundred million yuan club, can enter this circle of words, is the annual turnover of more than 100 million electricity supplier website. In 2010, Ke diamond CEO Guo Feng finally proud to join the circle. "I finally breathed a sigh of relief, and at last the diamond could be exchanged equally among the more than 20 companies." Guo Feng says.

for them, the first year is the two word: live. After groping forward and taking many detours, at the end of 2008, the four founders changed the locus of the diamond at one night, and the meeting place was very strange at McDonald’s.. They strengthened one direction: through the Internet diversion, through the store to achieve sales. To this end, cut off the TV shopping, banking, staging, shopping and other contributions to the cash flow model.


2007, Guo Feng, Wang Yong, Wei Hong, Li Hai and other four founded Cochran diamond, registered with 1 million yuan of funds to start a business of diamonds.


The core of the

in real life, a person can attract what kind of person, basically depends on his quality and strength. The same is true of community products. Want to know what attracts people, what are the characteristics of them, what kind of people and they can Freemasonry, then known almost to convey this feeling, so that every one of these people who feel the play known almost for granted via Li Qi. Psychology calls this a sense of belonging,

how does diamond come out on the line? What are the differences between the traditional jewelry industry and the diamond CEO Guo Feng? About the five years of diamond.

is for

, like the president, you have the right to vote for any candidate, but you must be responsible for your vote.


community is the user. The operating community is actually an operating user. The core of user operation is "how to keep the attraction of the core users".

, no matter what kind of UGC products, the creators of quality content are his core users.

The power of the

Tencent investment, Ke LAN diamond did two things: set up shop, stock, get rid of the futures model.

but rights must also bring about corresponding obligations: "the duty to take responsibility for your actions.".

I’ve observed a lot of communities, in the Web2.0 era, that the more communities empower users, the more prosperous they are. Isn’t that the case in the country?.

I have a problem with entrepreneurship. Which is it?

so, how do you define good content?. Different products have different definitions. As far as knowledge is concerned, the content of "discovery" is enough to explain the definition of "good quality content". What contributes to these things is to know the core users.

Wang Kexin

empowerment means democracy and empowerment also means that many people are wise and wise, which means that everyone has more room to play and contribute to the organization.

model began two years later.

there is no doubt that content creators are core users and, of course, need to add an attribute "good quality".



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