Skype announces overseas compensation scheme to offer 7 day free periodAfter 80 Yong pry 10 trillion

Skype telephony service suffered a massive, long failure last week, and many users were unable to connect with the service from Thursday morning until Saturday. Skype said that the worldwide number of computers restarted after downloading Microsoft’s Windows routine, causing millions of users to attempt to log on to Skype services almost at the same time, causing trouble. However, Skype had never disclosed that Microsoft’s monthly routine security updates will lead to its service failure, nor disclose whether Microsoft’s future release of the Windows update will cause Skype service failure again.

China is a land locked country, people pay more attention to the real estate far more than other countries, real estate is a family and a family event, which is one of the reasons for the low efficiency of the agent.

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Skype apologized in a letter to the paid user and said the fault had been completely repaired. Skype will offer a free week of service for Pro, Unlimited, SkypeIn and Voicemail customers as a gesture of goodwill. Because prices are cheap, many people use Skype instead of long distance calls to contact friends and family. In this case, reliability is relatively less important. However, there are some individuals and businesses who believe that Skype has a carrier level stability that they paid for last week.

all of the above problems based on the real estate network to link these agents to improve the traditional model of real estate sales, build a dual mode of operation of the next line + line, sales of new projects, and constantly improve the work efficiency of the real estate brokers and income level.

found that the traditional real estate industry pain points determined to bite bones

  Beijing on August 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Skype has apologized to users of large-scale fault the network telephone service last week, and promised to provide free service for a period of 7 days of fee for service users, as the fault compensation.

initial business difficulties, rely on wisdom and perseverance to build a day

when it comes to the field of real estate business of this problem, with jump on China enterprises orange reporters tell their own entrepreneurial mind, he said Chinese millions of real estate brokers, in fact, brokers efficiency is very low, income is also very simple. For example, the industry average monthly efficiency of brokers only 0.3-0.5, equivalent to a broker for two or three months to complete a single business; second agent personal profit model is only after the completion of the transaction in order to get the commission income is relatively thin, especially.

Dai Yue said, China housing stock more than 250 million units, according to the calculation of turnover of more than 4% of the United States, this is a $one hundred thousand class market, a company which has not been a single large, he thinks this is a great opportunity in the field of real estate sale + Internet is for.

is written in the front:

He is a member of

China enterprises interview he is orange, the real estate network founder Dai Yue, from Hunan province Changsha City, Changsha city since ancient times "Chinese city" reputation, is a celebrity in the past, is a great revolutionary leader comrade Mao Zedong’s hometown.

was born 82 years wearing a jump and a member of 80 thousands on thousands of force in entrepreneurship, grew up is a restless child, in 2000 admitted to the Changsha University computer professional learning, one began to get involved in the sales business, mainly part-time selling telephone cards number.

80 entrepreneurial force, selling mobile phone from the university life in buying and selling domain names dug the first pot of gold to the national real estate website, he has been in the rivalry with the website business, he is the real founder of Dai yue.


2005, Dai Yue by virtue of their mobile phone number during the University part-time sales experience, set up 1861 mobile phone network, and then sold to Hunan’s largest mobile phone operator. In the process of the sale of beautiful, wear jump into contact with domain name, and to recognize the value of the domain name, the domain name transactions get a pot of gold of life of entrepreneurship.

great hometown, entrepreneurship, youth, domain name, dug into the first pot of gold

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