Three heart sellers Taobao shop a year experienceTaiji chain; love spot sounded the assembly number

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said in the advertising world." Advertisers and advertisers are always looking for effective solutions. With the improvement of the demand for the effect, the new products on the Internet market are also emerging. As Chinese Internet advertising media leading integrated platform operators, T2C launched its products in heavy, precision marketing expert "iFocus" a big success, once again launched called "love" of the network advertising solutions, combined with the network video technology, from content to form more attractive and controllable. Relying on T2C, behind more than 20 websites, members of this powerful media resources, covering a wider range, directional more flexible. "Love point", compared with the past mass marketing, is more extensive and effective for the target group marketing input, in order to achieve the best results, rather than any such investment submerged in the public.

"I know half of my advertising is wasted, but I don’t know which half it is,"

four, everywhere propaganda. Later in the online and offline promotion always remember their own shop shop, only to let more people know, to many people, can people buy. Online publicity mainly in the Taobao online community to post replies often take part in some activities held by Taobao; followed by many other shops and exchange each other, Links collection; there is in my blog, website, and space propaganda. The net is seen around the acquaintance told them I shop in Taobao, what to sell things, let them down. They, or their friends when I need a discount. My first baby is sold before a friend.

five, continuously adjust constantly improve. Taobao sellers may want to know what is the best selling, but the customer needs are constantly changing, some things now sell well at the time does not necessarily sell well. It is also important to decide according to customer needs, trends and the actual situation of their own. Can not sell best, only better sell, this requires you to observe and be good at thinking. I have worked as a prepaid recharge, cosmetics, clothes, network products, second-hand books, shop decoration etc..

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, a modest in online learning. The shop at the beginning, I hardly know what to sell online, although help students registered account on Taobao, but did not buy anything. This year, I’ll be free in the Taobao community to see some tutorials and experience in the course of time the seller posts, fascinated by the Taobao community, often around here. Taobao is really like a university to learn is too much.

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the word "love" to give full play to the T2C online advertising alliance advantage as a premise, with new technology, new strategy as the basis, to maximize brand exposure, advertising content, its rich distinctive outer skin, also satisfy the demand of information and experience of the audience, more efficient the pursuit of brand advertisers reach the target of the effect, at the same time for advertisers to create a higher rate of return on investment, which is also the goal of "love".

three, keep Wangwang often online. Because I do is web design, Internet access more, every day I want to put a boot up, I can have a customer advisory reply. I also opened a mobile Wangwang, even surfing also can receive offline messages.

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two, all from the basics. The shop, I find their own sources, since that is the use value of others was looking for things to sell some of the surrounding idle, there are friends in the street to buy things. My friend and I take pictures, photos, write. In the shop before you want to do a good store name, store.

" product assembly: first, media coverage, flow; second, full flow exposure; third, area fourth, accurate delivery; without triggering can be automatically broadcast; fifth, product variety; sixth, can simultaneously display 18 theme advertising; seventh, set the number of ads on the site.


"love" is to create a strong function and a variety of video pop ads, including its five forms: form Flash, video content, pictures, text, interactive games, can play different products in different formats of advertising in the same window, without any blocking software effect. When the user opens the web site, the playback speed is stable.

Several characteristics of "love

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November 2007, my Taobao store – mini bar opened. The same month, my shop sold first baby – computer headset. In January 2009, my heart became 3 seller of credit. As a part-time sellers, in the shop more than a year can do 3 heart, I felt a little relieved. Recently wanted to write down their experiences, and we all share.

six, have confidence and enthusiasm. Shop in Taobao, you don’t have something to sell quickly, so we must have confidence in themselves and the baby always adhere to in the end, how much.

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