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cure is more difficult, of course, also use the above indexes, but more critical is that enterprises need to focus on, stop efficiency analysis of the customer service department is good, or to calculate the number of customer service, should think about where to do something to let customers do not need

palliative is very simple, you can strengthen customer service training. Please two types of teachers, one is an external teacher, specializing in customer service management, to teach you some skills, enhance service concept; one is to ask the internal lecturers, the best performance of customer service to find out, lectures for everyone. You can also talk to people in the business and product departments. Let the customer to make a list of all customers frequently mentioned problems, looking for customer service, business department, production department and other relevant departments to provide standardized answers to these problems, and then made a classification problem, let the customer every day to see again, to give customers to provide satisfactory answers to the standardization of common problems.

, I said, yes.

yes, that’s the phrase, "what do you do to make the customer don’t need service at all?"

on the novel website optimization and promotion method, 9azz will be launched in the next time, please look forward to!

9azz today is to bring about how to build a novel website for free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial.



therefore, it is better to eliminate customer demand for service support as thoroughly as possible, rather than to analyze the efficiency of customer service and customer problems.

, he said, is it possible to treat both cases?.

this position obviously many enterprises are not clear. In most enterprise customer service operations, customer contact can be divided into the following types: 1 stupid connection – because the enterprise makes the customer confused, unable to reach the deadline according to the promise

as I said, the Internet is not only the meaning of the existence of entertainment, more of its function is to better serve the public, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan the meaning is not only their own money, we hope that more friends through the Internet service life of a pot of gold mining.

, reposition customer service

through this novel site Wangzhuan: you can register several sites in the starting point of a series of novels have good paying members, estimated to spend some money, and then in these novels website to you to update your website, then go to register several pop ads, popups now the advertisement price is generally 5 yuan /1000IP, a novel not only 1 pages, hundreds of pages is very normal, you can add such ads on each page, that is to say an average of 1 people watching the 100 page will bring you to a 0.5 return, your website do 2 of these pop ads, so you can bring 1 yuan of income to you, if there are 10 traffic to your site every day, then you have a monthly income of 100 this is the first starting order Section, until 2 months later, if you follow the 9azz website optimization and promotion of teaching methods to do 300 IP certainly can be achieved, that is to say, there are 300 yuan of income you every day, every day even if a discount of 100 of the revenue, 3000 of the income of a month, I believe this than you that click Wangzhuan money is much stronger, and this is to a certain extent to the later will be more.

customer service allows customers to connect with the company more "smart" rather than "stupid", do not let customers ask you second times the same problem, to refine the ability to solve problems.

many people would like to see some stories on the site, but as a starting point for that site wonderful novels are often used to pay to see the membership system, it is very uncomfortable for some would like to see free users, which is provided free of charge to the user through the online exciting novels to make their profits to build a website a novel website.

I asked him, "do you want a temporary cure or a permanent cure?".

as long as customers are satisfied with the products they buy, they no longer need any help or service, and reach the highest ideal of "no service is good service". In short, the best customer service is not the customer service,


but this method has a defect, because the articles on the site you have no copyright, novel website not bigger, can only maintain a monthly income of tens of thousands, not too influential, or starting point and you, you put people’s income dropped, people will talk to you? But although do not, April tens of thousands of income is also good.

also sorts out personalized solutions or value-added statements that can help customers improve their satisfaction.

an electricity supplier friend asked me how to improve customer service satisfaction. As a result, the company has increased its order and the number of orders for customers has increased due to the strengthening of marketing tools.

remember, customers buy your company’s products or services in order to enjoy or use their functions to achieve certain goals. Instead of wanting to build relationships with your customer service, it’s only when there’s a problem.

to achieve this "no service" ideal, we should adhere to the following 3 principles:

Here I am speaking about how to

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