You can’t run from running errands to see the difficulties of starting an online businessnvalid hit

in theory, I think running errands should be a very promising industry. First, the market demand is very large, and with the development of society, this demand will be more and more big. Maybe twenty years later, paying someone to run errands will become a more or less consumer service, just as it is now for takeout. Second, the running errands industry is still a blank in many cities. The market is in a state of demand without supply, that is to say, running errands in many cities, and there is no competition in the same industry. Third, from a more macro point of view, any country with the development of the economy, the proportion of the first and second industries will become smaller and smaller, and the proportion of the third industry, that is, the service sector will become larger and larger. At present, China still relies mainly on the second industry, but the future trend is bound to be a more adequate development of the service industry. There will be more segments in the service sector, covering all aspects of people’s lives. And errands industry, it is subdivided out of an emerging industry.

in my opinion, running errands doesn’t work. There are some deadly things that can’t be solved:

 :     in China, according to the China Intelliconsulting report in March 2007, 39% of search advertisers say invalid, click rate is too high, affecting their enthusiasm for buying keywords. sh419 is worse compared to Yahoo and shlf1314. 43% of sh419 advertisers believe their enthusiasm for buying has dropped. 46% of visitors still think sh419’s invalid hits will exceed 50%.

      is this sh419’s fault? Look on both sides. Yes, it’s because, like MSN, users are more active in shielding fake clicks. Instead, because China search market pattern which, in Chinese more than 400 individual distributors to sell keywords. This naturally increases the chances of counterfeiting. Competitors from small and medium-sized advertisers will click on paid search links to increase advertising costs. It’s not sh419’s fault.

      short time of search marketing is painful, but the long term will have benefits, after all, is only a search marketing agency of essence and dross non interest, this will also on the customer’s investment return is responsible for, and search service providers benefit because they can just point out the transformation high quality standards and click rate and click rate. Moreover, this will make the life of counterfeiters more and more sad, so as to play a positive role in the healthy operation of the whole industry.

 :     why is this more serious for sh419? A small part of the reason is that viruses and rogue software are more likely to attack Windows users, and if they plan to fake it, they will certainly find companies with a big market share, and sh419, of course, is the first to bear the brunt.

first, the legality of the subject. If you have only one website, no entity, then it is illegal in the strict sense, and its credibility can not be guaranteed. You can only rely on the self-discipline of the website owner. Who can guarantee that after the main site will not receive the money to put up the shutters so escaped? Errands destined to the trust of consumers cannot win, also will not open the market. And if registered for the company, then you need 30 thousand yuan of registered capital, as well as operating venues, which means not only through complicated examination and approval procedures, but also bear the registration funds, rental fees

errands, it sounds interesting from the name. As the name suggests, is to provide specialized errands errands, and some compensation for the paid service. The development of errands, known as lazy economy or economic man. The reason is that with the economic and social development, people are more and more not bad money, but the pace of life fast, work intensity, some things would rather pay people to do, do not want to do it yourself, or do not have time to do. Take the domestic industry for example, rich people spend a nanny, is lazy economy, a kind of economic man. Errands industry and domestic industry is different, its business scope is mainly reflected in two words on errands, such as send flowers, lead generation parcel, purchasing the ticket, pay utilities, queuing generation and so on, and brought out for an apology, on behalf of courtship etc..

 :     last Friday, MSN adCenter released a statement blog, introduced the latest adCenter, and pointed out: customers can not pay for "low-quality clicks". This means that the "unclear business intent" or "abnormal behavior" and the obvious irrelevant clicks will be excluded from the fees.

business more difficult!

originally appeared at the time, the media’s pet, and was reported by major television, newspapers and networks. However, a few years have passed, but errands have emerged unable to run the phenomenon. A lot of errands, errands companies have closed, now still hold is bleak day, business deserted, difficult to profit. Many aspiring online entrepreneurs, from the beginning to the end in the best of spirits run errands website, can only sigh Born Under A Bad Sign,

      thanks to Search Engine Journal for updating the news for this article.

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