How to make money how to use the network to make moneyBlindfolded music sports may need to stop an

recently published LETV finance, is the last piece of the puzzle, but one of the most beautiful ecological brothers family, will not escape the myriad dotes on music as sports, set at the end of 2014 they had completed nearly 9 billion rounds of financing, valuation reached 21 billion 500 million.

, and through a number of industry insiders and several in-depth reports, the ecosphere learned that this tangled marriage behind, can not escape a "money" word.

2, basically every day after work I have nothing to do, play games, watch TV, blog…, age is not small, so time every day, in addition to work or to work, but I can not think of what way to earn money "

my personal idea of making money:

1, "I heard you didn’t go to work. What are you doing at home every day? Can you make money?"

"behind us is a cold, deep sea."."

5, so what?

as music sports may be a problem, a circle of friends told the ecosphere a few months ago.

then came the news somewhat regrettable, the entanglement of nine months later, the music and the national security cooperation came to an end, the marriage failed, both in the blessing of national security, each one sticks to his argument, and then not so publicly vocal music as sports.

4, "there are so many scam scams on the Internet, I can’t believe it,"

3, "I heard that some people use working hours to earn money, and one month is higher than their salary. Is that possible?"

5, "there is no good project to do now. There is no free money making project in the world."

how to make money, how to use the network to make money, there are many people will think the same question:

8, please don’t waste your time on online games, watching boring TV programs, super boring chat and network novels…

pictured above: from visual Chinese

way hurricane Jia Yueting, finally put his foot on the brake, and look behind, that is the last time he was forced to stop after seven ecological power built.

lack of music as ecology, can maintain the sports empire

at that time, the company has just won the aspiring new Premier League season copyright, could cost nearly $40 million, a month later, they won the NBA in Hongkong five years of copyright, reportedly the cost is four times on a copyright cycle, competitors are not economical for satire "the level of".

the disappearance of the International Cup, supplier arrears, social media crisis, more personnel than work available, the situation facing the music as sports is not a little.

6, "I’m out of work now and want to earn a little money at home to maintain the basic cost of living,"

3, make money = Project + action + stick to.


Abstract: since the beginning of the summer



"hopefully by the end of the season, we’ll be able to reach 1 million of sports users in Hongkong," says COO, who is confident that the sport will tell the eco circle.


1, "no free lunch", which I think you know the truth, any success before is a practical action, to dare to do, take practical action, if you can be your own "simple, quick and delicious lunch, also need to" mind".

Please note:

7, "I just lost my job when I graduated, and I heard that my job in 2009 is harder to find. I want to start my own business directly, but I can’t start the first step,"

it is worth mentioning that, although shareholders when they were small and scattered, but quite positive, accept our exclusive interview in February 23rd, Lei Zhenjian said the valuation is $800 million, but until before the start of the conference, they 8 billion yuan of the amount of financing has just finalized.

know a way to make money, if not to act, you do not know the way to make money, to do, fail, but I can certainly say: "friend, you have made progress, because after the failure of your action again, generally successful, of course with the project, individual minds and experiences also have a great relationship, not to say who the first time will fail, is not to say that second times after the failure will be successful, and optimistic about the project development, stick to it, it is certainly successful.

at the same time, at least, at the time, as music, sports are still familiar with the gesture in progress, persistent, crazy, regardless of cost.

4, once again asked, "project", is equal to the White said, I couldn’t find a good project, if you really think so, then you will be successful, because you already have a "action" and "adhere to the" two factors, that you want to make money confidence.

2, the so-called "only you clever, you see anything that make money", "how clever? I think the biggest factor is the" action ", was born as a" genius "little or no chance.

, a series of "bad" was almost collapse, large LETV shares overnight in a more micro floating green; sports industry, the market began to disappear from the Summer International Cup, supplier arrears, social media crisis, more personnel than work available, the situation facing the music as sports is not a little.

then let me tell you how to make money:

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