Ali and Baidu’s game sina is not the key


today I suddenly see a word, it is feeling for everyone to share in this, it says, "Chinese Internet, the real top game player is not more than three people, but Ma, Ma Huateng, Robin Li". Although a bit crazy, but we can feel that in the Ali system, Tencent, Baidu created in the Internet world, other companies are only supporting roles. Especially the recent major events around the Baidu and Ali is let us feel Ma Yun and Robin Li means clever, especially Ma Yun, investment street, UC holdings, the acquisition of sina, each pen can shake the industry pattern of transaction. In particular, Sina, micro-blog incorporated, but also to see that Ali is determined to do mobile electricity supplier.

, Baidu and Ali’s mobile Internet layout,

Sina mergers and acquisitions in Ali under the door, in fact, has experienced quite a long process of preparation, it is said that after more than 40 negotiations, the deal was completed. Although some people for the $586 million offer feel a bit too high, but from the perspective of the layout of mobile electricity providers to consider, Ali this transaction is still very value. As the user base has great social media, for the accurate use of traffic can still use, before there was news that WeChat, a simple explosion push makes a product’s monthly sales directly broken million, this is one of the best examples, with friends and ecosystem communication needs in the transfer of information is necessary for everyone, and that will improve the communication of information necessary to derive great commercial value. Ali is out of this consideration that sina will spend income under the door, in contrast, Baidu is also the case, these years in the mobile Internet layout have to do good is only Baidu map, but the map like and cash flow and commercial did not involve too much, the top is a piece of user data, so Baidu played PPS’s idea, the discretionary income, incorporated into the Iqiyi map, in addition to the rapid growth of mobile video capture board, to more PPS for the liquidity flow, as everyone knows, PPS game revenue income reached 30%, this is definitely a good for Baidu news, after Baidu auction the loss of too much popularity, and with the decline of traditional PC, bidding mode must not permanent jobs, therefore, appropriate attention has great hair The potential for mobile end games is definitely a smart move. But according to reliable sources, Ma Huateng is likely to announce the upcoming WeChat three mobile phone game at the GMIC conference, WeChat will enter the Mobile Games market will move the territory of Ali and Baidu caused more vibration.

what does everybody want for Sina, and what should Baidu do to lose Sina?

recently for a period of time of the merger, Ali group apparently became the biggest winner, not only shares the Sina micro-blog, bought UV, investment unfamiliar street, Ding Ding offers many other mobile products, can be said to be.

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