8 methods of website value evaluation and analysis

staff engaged in network promotion, often need to evaluate different types of websites, in order to promote the work of the site, with a multiplier effect. Pushing online promotion for many years has unique metrics for evaluating web sites. Good push, think: from the general direction, the real value of a web site is mainly determined by the three elements: website business model, promotion implementation strategy, the implementation of team quality. Today, mainly from a small point of view, from the table to assess the value of the analysis of 8 methods:

one, check the website on line time. The Internet dissemination of a wide range of speed, but in an increasingly regulated network environment, do not easily believe that the overnight popularity of the website, a just on the line near the site, even if there is another big background, relative influence is limited.

two, website content quality. A truly valuable website, without exception, attaches great importance to the content of the website, mainly to the original content, in the emphasis on quality on the basis of, and then the pursuit of quantity.

three, website weight. Website weight mentioned here, mainly in the perspective of a search engine for evaluation, determine a high weight website, the main keywords we often can use its latest title search, high weight website usually arranged in Baidu news or information in google.

four, search engine inventory. Search included, although not the site traffic flow of the decisive factor, but if not included or rarely included, for network promotion is not always a good thing. Small and medium-sized enterprise network promotion, who can not easily give up the search engine, lost search engine traffic, means that people lost their right-hand man, although not to death, but after all is not perfect.

five, Alexa website ranking. Although data ranking can still be false, it can be regarded as an important reference indicator of website value evaluation before there is a more authoritative third party data statistics.

six, Baidu snapshot. The closer this time, the more frequent changes, indicating that the site Baidu snapshot update faster. Generally speaking, the weight of this station in Baidu is higher, the value of the website is relatively big also.

seven, PR value size. The PR value is Google according to the number of chains, the quality of the chain, the chain number, the quality of the chain, website content and so on, after calculation, get out of the value. Google is a standard for evaluating the overall performance of a web site. Google now PR value updates need a long time, generally speaking, how much the PR value can almost directly proportional to the weight of this site.

eight, profitability. To assess the value of a website, especially the value of a commercial website, the most important thing is to return to its ability to make a profit. Profitability is also the ultimate determinant of website value evaluation.

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