Several problems needing attention in team operation website

In fact,

personal website in the future living space more and more small, this is not my alarmist, the future must be the team website of the world, of course, the team website is coming from a personal website, because the team website need the original accumulation of resources, and personal website period is the accumulation phase, once you feel the popularity of the website is relatively high, have a fixed user, which means that your site has to, then you can consider labangjiehuo business website, the team website operators need to pay attention to what the problem?

1: business license and finance and tax issues

In fact, the

team operation is the operation of the company, need to have the boss, also must have the office, so we need to Industrial and Commercial Bureau handled business license, generally the beginning stages of the team website is small, if you do not have the office experience, can go to the relevant company to apply for business license, if the tax is not very can let others understand outsourcing, but the price is not expensive! When your company has a certain scale when you can hire a separate accounting to do these things, such as rent and tax do so! This can put the main focus on you. Where is the so-called good steel should be used wisely!

two: personnel recruitment issues

the beginning of the period of recruitment the main consideration is to let them come to you to perform, or solve some of you in the technology is not very good, because a lot of technology a website operation will involve the team leader, for site is not necessary to know each technology, even if it is able to understand there is no energy to finish each technical problem, so need the relevant personnel to do, but some people think, why don’t I open up the market to recruit some staff, let them make our site bigger and stronger, it is certainly not realistic at the beginning of period! Bill Gates did not start so please Ballmer. In the initial stage but also to open up the market of


three: Earnings issues,

when his own company team to face the natural operation of the site to make money, now you are not a person in combat, as long as you can feed themselves, but also to support such a large group of people, how to do? Let the natural egg or chicken, or to the site to earn money. Only in this way can guarantee the site to long-term operation down, so the profit problem at this time is very important, to improve profitability is generally two methods, open source and open source throttling, is to rely on the market, we need to save the throttle


four: attitude issues

in this vast sea of Internet or you are the sea captain, there may be a storm, there may be an iceberg, if not pay attention to will become the Titanic second, so a lot of change as the company boss often mentality will change greatly, the pressure will be invisible increases, after all the Internet Co can.

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