Don’t make yourself an expert in front of customers

I early in the morning in Shanghai science and Technology ( has been 4 years, engaged in the website construction business page has been 4 years, meet many customers, I love face-to-face communication with customers, because most of the time, with customers can always get some inspiration.

although they may treat me as an expert when communicating with clients, I have to admit that many times they teach me a lot of things. Many customers in their industry’s network promotion methods are very understanding, but also very clear about the effect of various promotion. Sometimes I have more experience than I do, and some ideas are even very creative.

most customers actually know what SEO is, what is Web2.0, and what is called interactive marketing, but they are very clear about their goals. They always try to achieve their goals. No matter what the way, for them, to achieve the goal is the most important. Some people may seem simple, but many customers can use these simple methods to the extreme, a trick. For example there is a customer, he doesn’t know what SEO what he knew, sending information to his website can still do a lot of profit, full of sound and colour.

for a long time engaged in network marketing, long-term acceptance of a variety of so-called advanced concepts. For how to carry out network marketing, there are some of their own views, but sometimes think that the so-called professional scientific methods, for customers, it is not advisable.

as one of the most simple, do the marketing website is very popular now, home full screen animation in this way was opposed by many experts, but I once met a customer, he told me frankly that I said is right, but his customers, his own industry, enterprise decision makers most of the network is utterly ignorant of. A lot of people don’t even know basic typing and email, so more often they see the company’s animation and feel the company is strong. No way, their website has designed a full screen animation, and many customers responded well.

in front of such customers, I think I’m too hasty. Therefore, I think, do network marketing, do not take yourself as an expert, but should be accompanied by a customer exchange, and explore the appropriate marketing approach mentality is the right way. Although we have in the network marketing industry me.but practical experience, although we may still be the network marketing industry in the so-called technical master or expert figure, but we must admit that the customer’s industry is close to ignorance. Moreover, most of the customers, especially the decision-makers in the enterprise, are much more successful than we are.

besides, SEO takes time and patience, and only when the service is ready, waiting for the customer to truly feel the effect of the service. That was the real expert,.

so, while I’m writing articles online, >

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