Talking about female college students doing station experience

uploaded to the space, which is completed before the work, and the next thing is tiring. Some of my friends didn’t see the articles I wrote yesterday, so I’d like to introduce my station. My station is literature website, look at the literature network (now Google and YAHOO search to look at literature network my station ranked first in Kazakhstan). After the completion of the preliminary work of the coming one after another, as a literary stand, how I find the original? (we all know the importance of the original, here I will not say more) no way, I’m looking for students to add to my original content, published an article. Although it is original, but that content quality, I have no language. But we still are closed, so that they are published, ha ha, this is only the beginning. So do it, later must be published in literature can not ha. Then I added a few literature class QQ group, as if no one is willing to give my contribution ah, people ask for no money, I dizzy, a poor student, or eat their own problems, which come from oh.. But fortunately, there are classmates, friends, and help yourself find some good articles on the Internet, and now the website can update several articles every day. I wish I could carry on.

light update site content is not good, I have to promote. How to promote it? I first in the Baidu post bar, our city’s several middle school post bar in the post, ask whether there is literature lovers can send me an article, and then bring your own links. The effect is not very good, the general day of the day, then three or four IP, second days there is no traffic. Then, the bubble forum, I registered a number of literary forums account, personalized signature with their own web link, but also did not register a few, because I am purely manual operation, very troublesome. The effect of the top posts in this forum is not very good Oh, there is no flow! The next step is to do a blog, I was in Sina, and has registered an account, registered a strange trouble, in the blog post a few articles on my website article, with links, plus a few the blogosphere, on other people’s blog, this effect should also be right, this is yesterday afternoon I began to do, expect it to the effect of kazakhstan. I registered an account in watercress yesterday afternoon, sent an article about your website post, Google included on the same day, fanchon seems to do good results, I should study more.

the final exam is coming, but I tried every day on the site, I really do not know is not a detour. Well, don’t think so much. Just do what you want to do. I look at the station: network literature. You are welcome to criticize and guide.

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