Some problems that should be paid attention to in local classified information network

I do classification information network has been done for nearly a year, in this year, I summed up some of their own experience, here is my experience to share with you, if you have objections, can communicate replies. Because I personally operate this information network, so I am more concerned about this type of Web site, adding a lot of groups, into a lot of forums, to communicate with you and learn. In nearly a year’s forum and QQ group exchange, I found a few very serious problems, I have committed, first listed as follows:

first, focus only on the page, not content. There are still a lot of people, especially those who have just come into contact with classified information networks. I just do Qinhuangdao information port, I am also very concerned about the page, looking for a good picture, or to other classified information network to "learn" to your site to get the l i feel his garish, very good. But an idle, I will go to the establishment of the Qinhuangdao information network affiliated group to show off my beautiful website, get is a puff, "what page ah, are difficult to find a message more information, do not know where to send" comments like this accounted for 95%. So I began to think carefully, we do web oriented object, and the purpose of doing web site. Since it is a classified information website, is to provide the classification service for everyone, not the entertainment website, the purpose of users to the site is very strong, they hope to the website with the fastest way to find the information they need, or to express their demand information, with the least time page garish. Give users feel more is not good, because that would allow them to get lost in your website.

second, seeking everything but not single-minded. Although classified information network is classified, but we should focus on some topics to do, rather than doing too comprehensive, we want to emphasize is "fine"". Network of information like street DM advertising, or hutongs hawkers, we are mainly facing moderate or low income groups, so we have the website Recruitment Information (Talent Network), rental, second-hand housing, second-hand car and home appliance maintenance service life information is enough, as long as the information is good. There will be considerable traffic, because the "poor" is the most.

third, only online promotion and ignore the line. I’d like to say why we all like online promotion. Do classification information network, many webmaster are doing part-time job, everyone has the convenience of the Internet, and after work, there is very little time, and this is the majority of webmaster like online promotion reasons. Another is that everyone frequented by A5, Chinaz and some SEO knowledge behind, see above with their own website to try, but to this school, the effect is not very fast, so we continue to wait for Baidu weekly update, improved SEO method for their continuous. In fact, we do so, just stay on the basis of standing, and can not achieve the purpose of profit. Wine is also afraid of deep alley, we have a relatively good online rankings at the same time, >

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