E commerce websites personal views

initially believes that our e-commerce platform is characterized by "one-stop trading" and "collaborative office". Because each supplier is also a buyer. They can complete the sale of their finished products on our platform, and also can finish their own purchase of raw materials. This may be different from the Alibaba. Ali seems to be focused on suppliers, and although it has worked hard to tap suppliers, the number of buyers is limited. This has led to a glut of suppliers, which is why Ali’s customers have been snatched from global resources, made in China, and carried out in recent years. Since this feature, then that is our website positioning, is for all suppliers and buyers. Customer base and Ali and other websites.

personally believe that the beginning of the website operation, or to "marketing center" as the breakthrough point. But the upfront can be an input cost phase, or 6 months without charge. When the customer has already relied on us, then the charge is very easy.

if the information as a breakthrough point, for promotion. Although the route is relatively stable, you can first get together, and then the flow into money. However, the future trend of e-commerce, we can only guess, no one can be sure that it must be in some direction. Any technological improvement or national policy may affect the direction of e-commerce development. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, you see the opportunity. At present, although there are Alibaba in front of such an old man, but there has not been a hundred schools of thought contend. At this point we launched on-line, if properly operated, should have a foothold. If the rival N appears to cause a long delay, so, it is more difficult to form a reputation. Moreover, at present, Ali still has deficiencies in some places, not yet perfect.

if the "marketing center" as a breakthrough point, of course, our early implementation of "free" and "special services."". Free is to seize all the petty gain psychology. The characteristic service is to seize the customer’s new mentality. That’s why Taobao can beat eBay in just a few years.

of course, whether we can retain customers depends on whether our services can bring economic benefits to customers. This is the most direct statement. No matter how distinctive and wonderful the service we offer, it is futile to fail to bring a penny to the customer.

this requires our business philosophy, so that most customers accept. At the same time, we must increase publicity, customers have the mentality of the crowd, like to follow the crowd. When the customer completes the transaction on our platform, then it naturally brings economic benefits.

one, so first we need to be clear. What kind of service for customers and how to collect fees?.

in the current profit model, or membership based. Station to station advertising, membership.

members are regular members and VIP members.

VIP members enjoy the following services:


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