Some questions about Baidu can not be ignored when publishing articles

a lot of people run web sites when publishing articles that lack overall consideration, especially when the title setting is not carefully considered. Popular network on the title of the party, the title of the article looks very attractive, then click on the go was surprising, but some articles have good content, but no title so attractive, although located in the home page and click on the quantity is scanty. Below, combined with my experience of managing a local station to learn the water network, specifically for Baidu search features, talk about the article published can not be ignored several questions:

is "a good title for Baidu surprise", Baidu has become the hearts of the Chinese search king, this is not a Baidu computer system Weakness lends wings to rumours., a set of Chinese search habits are complete, so when setting the title of the article should be taken into consideration Chinese search habits.

A local portal website "

as I do Xishui Xishui net net", enter search keywords will often appear "Xishui" red tourism "Xishui Century City" such words, every day there are several search keywords this IP, I have to address this situation, when the release of relevant information, the title of the content to add more than two keywords, sure enough, to see the effect of second days, the IP flow of the two key words began to gradually increase and a steady upward trend.

two is a "pseudo original do come true original", a lot of friends lack of original content, while the original is most concerned about the search engine index, so many webmaster to Baidu search last ditch released false original, in fact, the world is a big copy, just look at your copy is good, a lot of people simple to change the position of several paragraphs after the release of the original articles, the way I think is not desirable, may start to you as the original Baidu included, after a period of time or even give up included this page, this is because Baidu’s computing system, to know that Baidu is not a fool, even if the position cannot change paragraph it is able to detect the similarity.

so in the absence of original time, on his own creation, read through to reprint articles, according to their own understanding of the re writing, at least completely copy the contents of not more than 40%, it will be a difficult and slow, but my experience is slow, only in this website included will be long-term vitality. If you want to punch the number and resell it, then when I don’t say. If you want to operate a website for a long time, then step on the ground, step by step,


three is a frequent monitoring of Baidu IP visit keywords, adjust the post content direction at any time, such as I do Xishui nets, this time I found the Scientific Outlook on Development search keywords "IP began to increase, I will engage in this situation, a few high quality than the pseudo original, and to set the according to the topic Chinese search habits, such as setting the" Scientific Outlook on Development plan, plan, summary ", has just been included with IP to Everfount.

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