How does the local mall compete with Taobao

large e-commerce platform, in the country, the current Taobao, pat, Dangdang and so on to occupy the main position. For our industry, the mall and the local mall, how to survive in the cracks, how to locate the site is very important, this article mainly discusses how to compete with the local mall Taobao pat competition. First of all, let’s analyze the difference between the local electronic mall and Taobao. 1. remote and local mall and Taobao compared to the existence of inherent advantages, is the mall and buyers in the same city so that it has several advantages: (1) the seller in the local shopping mall above, can be more assured, when flaws can timely find the goods sold (mall) returned home. (2) deals between buyers and sellers can greatly reduce traffic expense, thereby greatly reducing the cost for the buyers shopping mall opened in the local (3) profit early, need most is to establish a good reputation in the local customer mind, active buyers will order goods delivery to his the hands, and free of charge. Is a very good website promotion method. In case of limited initial shipment, the goods can be delivered by the merchants and set up a fast and convenient image. The above points are what Taobao does not have. I analyze the advantage of Taobao: (1) a great variety of goods (2) with Alipay as a delivery method, through online payment, can save time and labor is more abundant (3) early establishment time, online shopping image has long been popular (4) to Alipay for delivery, satisfied with the payment, the payment is assured (5) shop for free according to the analysis above, can make the following strategies: (1) according to local customers, exempt freight delivery. Mainly local customers. (2) the goods through the mall cooperation with the courier company delivery way collection, delivery by courier to the buyer, on the spot inspection, if the buyer is not satisfied, return by courier company (3) long-term tracking of the user’s operating habits, for example, visits which items most, which views the biggest commodity, adjust business focus at any time, to understand customer needs (4) due to the local mall compared to Taobao, the content is relatively small, a user is relatively small, so there is a problem in the mall are sellers of goods severely cleared, makes a good trading environment (5) to establish a complete set of sellers shop authentication system, check the authenticity. Sellers of goods such as whether the entity shop, product quality is good, whether the goods are (6) and so on to ensure good customer service, when the buyer of goods Respond promptly and contact the seller to solve the problem. The local mall in operation early, the first to have a certain degree of publicity, to attract customers and sellers shop, and then through the above means, establish a good image of trading mall, through the user’s reputation propaganda, to achieve viral marketing effect. And to establish a strict certification system and a complete online and offline payment system. Let customers feel relieved.  :  : take me personally. I bought a 500G hard drive from Taobao 3 months ago. It’s broken after 2 months. I can’t read the disk. Buy when the seller (in Guangzhou) say "one".

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