Discussion sports community can do like watercress become a way of life

these days have been thinking and study this issue, let me explain: I said like watercress as becoming a lifestyle sports community "refers to from a macro point of view the most extensive, only that sport can do this level of this theme community watercress does, the specific content and operation we will not go to, not to have involved, criticize me" COPY bean, I’m not so stupid, don’t have that ability! Early to write such an article and everyone together to discuss, have been waiting for this to finish and Zhang He meet, because this sentence is put forward by him.


in recent months has been the bean active users, and spent a few days further to study the watercress concept, for this problem the problem of my attitude is positive, sports can do it! When Eazen and friends discuss when he has repeatedly stressed bean. Although music is the three theme, but there are a lot of people. When do you think the bean began to target users is still relatively small, but the number of users now we may subvert this view, watercress seems to have become a way of life for users, in addition to the theme of the website itself, we have to look at dynamic and recommend friends, make more the same hobby friends, even in the above discussion and find the delicacy of rental information. Because the user’s quality is very high, it is suitable for extending the topic to every corner of life, making the website really become a valuable tool for Internet users.

come to talk about sports, here mainly refers to our daily life to participate in sports activities, such as football, basketball, badminton, swimming and skiing, there is great difference and now all over the mountains and plains football NBA discussion forum, not the content, but different. I want to a community such as sports enthusiasts on the Internet application tools to gather, love or love watching sports to participate in sports people, at this time whether the community of users in the discussion or participate in what things are have a lot in common, the reason is that these things are all sports lovers or content release. When the population is slowly large, it can also be extended to all aspects of life. This assumption holds true,

it may be said that the sports category will not because it contains too many projects and too big, 5G friend Zheng Yun also said "watercress subject is super day is constantly increasing, sports can do so? You can take each game as a star as subject? Or subject? If every item as a subject for comment, then what is the difference and sub section of the forum?" I understand this question, it is said there is nothing wrong, but not my idea of intention. I didn’t discuss the details of how specific the sports community operates, but it’s only from the highest point of view that it can be assumed, and if it can, it’s probably a far away place

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