Combined network and traditional industry earned 200 thousand

has access to the Internet for 10 years, had just graduated out in China enterprise network (now renamed China) found in dry years, marketing is a purely "cheat", few of those not familiar with the Internet of small business owners. Leave yourself in it alone, do a period of time can also be, at least stronger than work, is sometimes more trouble.

was developed in our hometown of stainless steel industry a large and small township enterprises have more than 2000 years, steel production accounted for 1/7 of the country, the friend has a number of clients, because in rural areas, the price is not high, a business station is 2000-3000 million. At this price. Many bosses have finished, do not want to give money, every time you have to drag the money, or that the factory funds are tight, so large factories here will not be able to rely on. In other words, it hasn’t worked yet. I haven’t done business online yet. I said how can, the website keywords ranking so high, can’t have no effect, and say to you can’t do your website, you do business. To help you introduce objects, do you still have to give birth to your son?.

said no what effect, I do not believe that in order to prove my idea, I devoted myself to do a stainless steel enterprises corporate website, and left his phone number, after a month of optimization, keywords have very good rankings, have received several inquiries of stainless steel prices on the phone every day. This is a powerful illustration of what the boss says is no good. Why do you have to rely on, to others to do the wedding dress. They sell a ton of stainless steel and earn 1000-2000 yuan per ton. Why can’t I sell them? Brains aren’t stupid, and the Internet is more proficient than they are. 12000 of their profits, I can 500, and small profits but quick turnover. Say, do, first use their advantage for each specific product keywords do a special website, and then optimize this word. I just have a stainless steel industry website had been looking for investment sponsorship, there’s no need to show off, just put in their own network, using industry website traffic to sell stainless steel products. Learn the stainless steel knowledge while you build the web site. Looking for cheap, but also sexual desire of stainless steel a little difficult, manufacturers.

just started, the client called to inquire. Is always not allowed, so there is nothing to do with the stainless steel factory director, technical staff almost, please eat, ask them for various kinds of stainless steel material price calculation method. Not long after, all kinds of prices can basically be reported, and 16 days later, finally made his first list, more than 1000 kilograms of 304 stainless steel plate, although only earn 700 dollars, but still very excited. Because it gives me confidence to build up. By the end of the year, forget it. Earned more than 30000, second years, because the first year has accumulated a number of customers, the market is good, earned 90 thousand, third years, that is, a few years has earned more than 150 thousand. I built some webmaster who has been doing it for a long time, but if it hasn’t been improved, >

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