Book sales sites for example talk about how to increase the rate of payment conversion

paid conversion means: allow users to pay for consumption, converted into paid users. Payment conversion can be divided into two parts: single payment conversion and no single order payment conversion. The former refers to the transformation from single user has to pay, the latter refers to the transformation of the user by not order to pay, the former case usually only a few, because we tend to user orders and payment as a whole; the latter is more common, is also the concern of many key operators, today is to talk about how not to pay the conversion order to improve.

1. Classify user source channels

as products become more and more diverse, the definition of user source channels is becoming more and more broad, and all the ways that can bring the amount of users can be regarded as channels. The quality of the channel is different, the user’s professional degree is different from different sources, and the demand for goods is also different. It is the first step to do a good job of classifying the source of users’ channels.

two, focus on user source scenarios

professional user consumption of different channels is different under different scenarios, bring the user consumption intention is different, consumption will usually refers to the consumption motivation, in other words, different scenarios of user consumption motivation is different. When reading see recommend a book in the book, when the consumer motivation is greater than that on their own initiative, the lecture was infected by the speaker will open the app order is greater than the recommended order will see is different in the book, see the transformation effect generally recommended by the author list and a well-known author recommended book bring it is different from that of watercress to attract and attract users to the property from the circle of friends are different, the former is the motive of professional endorsement, the endorsement of trust. In order to promote user orders, users should pay attention to the scene, clear the intensity of consumer motivation in different scenarios, and prioritize.

three, preferred value flow commodity

value flow goods are commodities that bring business value and, to some extent, cause the user to pay attention to it. To have identified a clear user sources and scenes of the users, we can be targeted to the recommendation: for from professional website users we can recommend books recommended relatively strong professional books, direction and source of the user content to match the product page to highlight the details of books professional degree; for from the general content of the community of users to recommend entry-level books, this book focuses on the product details for entry guidance.

‘s goal is to increase supply and demand matching in order to reduce the time it takes for users to place an order. When a user orders is often emotional occupy the initiative, if the user entered the product page to see their love of books he may direct purchase orders, if the user clicks to see him want to books, waiting for him to find the rational process, may be slowly down, will consider many factors.

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