Network marketing solutions for gift arts and crafts industry

1, gifts, handicrafts industry introduction,

our gift and handicraft industry is a high-speed developing industry in recent years. The average profit margin is high, the market space is huge, and the production and marketing have been greatly improved. The prospects for development and potential are huge and the risks are relatively low. From the statistical data, in the past 10 years, China has developed at an average rate of 10.2% per year.

gifts, handicrafts industry, although a wide range, and the manufacturing methods, equipment size and structural form of different. Gifts, arts and crafts industry, network marketing focus and common troubles


highlighted the value of network marketing, network marketing, network marketing can not represent the general trend, eager to be missed,

network market is already the business platform is parallel to the traditional market is the largest, gifts, arts and crafts industry network marketing has been recognized and accepted by most enterprises, gifts, arts and crafts industry network marketing value has been recognized, using the Internet to create wealth is not a myth, gifts, arts and crafts industry network market competition has already started. The enterprise to realize the true meaning of the gifts, crafts, network marketing is imperative! Deep mining of successful experience, let us


2, most of the enterprises to carry out gifts, handicrafts network marketing lack of overall planning, did not raise the network marketing strategy to the height of the company

enterprise gifts, arts and crafts industry network marketing lack of systematic understanding, a lot of think, do a website, registered domain name, network real name is considered as network marketing. Correct understanding should be: network marketing is an important part of modern enterprise marketing strategy and an important means of marketing, network marketing is a systematic, continuous, marketing strategy system, including planning, design, analysis and formulation of online marketing platform oriented promotion, marketing management, analysis and evaluation of results, persistent optimization and improvement.

3, repetitive investment, wrong investment is serious, resulting in a large waste of resources,

most of the enterprise website revised year after year, service providers are also changed every year, and finally the worse the change, worse year by year, cast a lot of money wasted, did not accumulate any resources. Such as: do not accumulate any customer resources from the network, do not say is to use and develop these resources. (web visitors 80% are potential customers. ) incorrect guidance given by some less professional companies resulting in wrong investments.

4, looking for professional gifts, handicrafts, network marketing personnel is too difficult, enterprises do not have professional management and network marketing

network marketing and e-commerce as an emerging industry, very professional talent in this industry is too small, because the network marketing involves many fields at present in the industry has not formed a complete training system, the enterprises to carry out network marketing human resources barriers.

5, only pay attention to the promotion of the website, do not attach importance to the construction of network marketing platform >

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