Site analysis don’t let personalized ads scare users

with the rapid spread of the Internet, advertising at any time is not a difficult problem. We often talk about accurate marketing, accurate positioning of users. But do you know that excessive use of user data can make your ads look scary?

cited an example of "horror" advertising. One day I opened my mailbox and found my name in the ad on the sidebar. "How did he know it was me? Where did he get my information? Did they take my privacy data?"


in fact, for most users, "invasion of privacy" may be just a noun, a feeling. As for the specific information and data, users without a little technical background are confused. Therefore, there will be a ambivalence: both the convenience of personalized services, but also worried about privacy violations. So there are many unknown people blindly opposed to the behavior of the user data extraction. In fact, if you use user data properly, consumers will appreciate the services you offer them.


so the key to using user data is to put what we’re doing on the table, just as many restaurants now use glass instead of the kitchen wall. This is an article "InMobi How to Personalize Without Being Creepy" (how to better use the user data to make personalized advertising, and not let the user feel horrible) first proposed: to acknowledge the source of the data, don’t hide anything. Advertisers who have just begun to touch user data are often obsessed with making ads look like magic. In fact, this does not achieve the desired results. Personalized advertising can be done as a service, rather than as if you have mastered a lot of privacy". Users should be told publicly why they want ads to be personalized and what data they use.

InMobi also offers several other tips for personalized advertising:

added personalized ads under customized conditions. What you can see after the user logs in. At this point, the user will not feel violated because he is in a custom environment, and advertising will have a better effect. For example, LinkedIn offers job recommendations, Facebook sponsored stories, Groupon personalized discount information, and so on. Consumers understand and look forward to the presentation of this advertisement.

ensures that users have the right to "drop out of the game" at any time". Hugo Liu, Hunch’s chief scientist, said personalized service would be like building a building without fire escapes (there were no fire escapes in China’s houses)…… Khan…… But we can imagine a 50 storey building only the elevator did not step ladder) >

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