Through the network company new station operation three reflection reflection 2013’s SEO Road

head office has created a new network company. In fact, as early as 2010, the company already has a powerful network team, but there was no independent company at that time. Now, thanks to the new company, there is a tension between capital investment and return on orders, and trying to find orders has become the only hope of the new company at first. I served in the Huaian Runming network company website promotion charge, meet the market orientation, the malicious competition some thorny issues, now almost two months, although the website ranking achieved good results, but the profit is not ideal, because also occasionally a little order, still unable to break the capital investment and there are tensions return orders, today I made some reflections:

1, network company operation can not be pinned on SEO

Corporation, in addition to the site promotion company, and marketing company, voluntary order company, there are several links to other advertising, traffic project department, they also have a good performance of these companies, the key is that they have not put much energy in the seo.

Corporation means that in three months to make the company gain, began to profit. Do the network marketing, website promotion of these business orders also means that it is possible to obtain profit, and the author also is because of the immature ideas, only the company operating profit depends on SEO optimization results, after more than a month, although some broke into the first page of Baidu keyword, but delays only the inquiry, let alone the order. But from the local enterprises obtain several orders, the most important of these orders are through the team before the customer source and reputation to win over the order, acquired by SEO from the network order is not. This shows that the network company to operate, can not rely solely on SEO site ranking, to be fully promoted. For example, from the local enterprises to tap the customer market, to create awareness, and does not require its own company website ranking, and only need to use thinking concepts and cases, you can successfully negotiate customers.

2, SEO website, blog ranking and traffic is not in a day.

The author from the

website before the line began to prepare dozens of original articles, and every page of the website on the Internet both template and content are not repeated, so this establishes the company website online first day included home, began second days included in the page. The author also once published "everything is difficult at the beginning, a word summary, embellish Ming personally experience, new station optimization"

in this way, the company website has been overnight snapshot of the day included, after more than a month now, the website included 76 articles, but the Baidu index has 192 articles, probably because the weight is not enough, not completely match. Now, the ranking has also achieved good results.


do all of this!

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