Webmaster entrepreneurship should be parasitic team oriented commercial

is also a long period of time, many friends reflect the blog update speed is slow, then the blog update speed will slowly return to normal, and the next week will update a blog. Last time I said something about Internet start-ups, I mainly talked about my personal experience and experience, and I contacted some of the process of network entrepreneurship. After A5’s invitation Meng Jiang participated in the A5 version, is mainly talked about some 5 years down the network business experience and feelings, from the student part-time website, to IT employees to the final pressure burden to entrepreneurs, not say he is successful, because today I most like people is on the road, are struggling. So I like writing things, talking about experience and communicating with everyone. Today, share in particular some changes, personal experience changes.

1: micro-blog brings business opportunities to the website

in the past, we want to engage in a web site, first of all, the site on-line, and then search engine included, included in the short time is a week, long is a month, or even longer. About three months, the site from a search engine only one after another to get some traffic continued, after the time is used to top keywords, the construction of external links, in general, a website can get 100 IP from the search engine, a little better can get thousands of IP from the search engine, of course. Keywords top up, get tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of IP is not a problem. But will one day appear to be a K page left, website traffic back to the dismal state, owners had to replace the domain name, because you are the search engine drop right, want to restore may have to wait a year or even longer time


this is a construction model of the past, now with micro-blog, if you have a large batch of micro-blog, your website on-line on the first day there will be a lot of traffic, there is no need to wait for a micro-blog, turn, turn, turn to the natural flow! ~ ~ in a long period of time, I went to visit the micro-blog articles, I found many webmaster in the comments have shown a negative attitude, think micro-blog think micro-blog is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, in the micro-blog platform to do the content, not worth it. When I saw these messages, I was thinking that now is a good time to show that many webmasters are not aware of the opportunities. I really contact micro-blog, it should be said that my Tencent, micro-blog, in the Tencent editor’s love was recommended, so fans suddenly rose rapidly. But these fans are not IT, Adsense users, ordinary users but in general, so I also made before Bowen said: "my Tencent micro-blog transformation, small talk micro-blog marketing", so the micro-blog positioning in the public oriented, more precisely positioning in the fashion consumer groups. All the way back to this kind of popular content, and then developed a group of micro-blog class accounts, are related to fashion consumption, operating for a few months. Because the transformation of micro-blog account, I think one thing or to condemnation, webmaster friends can pay attention to my Sina.

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