On the foundation and rise of local gateways

: everybody is good with the local portal promotion and set up all over the country, big city small town is blossom everywhere, each have their own portal features, most importantly, can enter the normal operation state, the development of good circulation of the door to the station, only a handful of


I is a local portal station, in the development and operation of more than three years of time, adjust the revised website no less than three times, each revision spent a lot of time and effort, but the effect is not ideal, with the change of Internet users and improve the quality of taste, feel the most important aspect of the local portal is not only in propaganda more importantly, the website itself features and content updates, I said, you can explore.

local portal, is nothing more than to provide effective local information, increase views of local users, improve the reliability of the website, started the local portal signs, then logical advertising to increase revenue, let the virtuous circle of development in normal local portal. But where are the local portals,

?A very simple example of

, local needs what information, local web browsing positioning is what kind of people, local portal website, providing information, what kind of effect, high reliability, the local section of the planning. Each column has its uses, it has increased a lot, and it has increased in every respect. Try not to let the local portal FLASH, but the effect is good, but the local portal to the information, the website speed, neat, clean, rich in content, looks can find effective content, this can increase the return rate, but in fact, the country has started the real portal, advertising is open, actually. The local portal page can play a banner on the front page of the tail, you can, and more, affect the user’s browsing experience.

local portal operates local absolutely effective, unique domain name, local characteristic column, local characteristic culture, local scenery, local news, local transaction and so on.

program concise, effective content updates every day, whether visitors or spiders will increase the popularity and visibility, when there is a certain amount of Internet users after it started, the local portal signs, so, whether to release information, or the promotion of products, is a chain reaction, so that local well-known big portal, all resources will be the development of effective local dripping meticulous, local portals to develop sustainable and benign cycle.

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