The budding small web site where to go

ah, with the financial crisis, recently, my shop business cold, reduced income, out of my first two big, want to change, but do not know in the end what line is suitable for me?! Hey! Was anxious white hair, what should I do?!? Afternoon or nothing to do, go out and look around! Come on the street: push street snack car, mobile phone film, I thought a person engaged in the computer industry, how can these for me?? always feel not suitable for these industries, feel that they should do some easy technical content high work. But what am I supposed to do?…… Want to go to the talent market to see, perhaps there is a suitable position,


said on the street to see, an advertising company senior graphic design staff, thought it was finally found its own arena, in the interview, the boss took a picture, call me according to his request to make another picture, I felt myself, which is not a a fix!! seven Lane eight lane, at the same time! The boss’s approval, tomorrow to work, a monthly salary of 800! I thought it more than my own shop now much better ah, is not what the risk to their own thing to do is to take money! For second days to do less than 4 months, my heart began to itch, want to quit, what can I pay this cost a month? Decided to go! Make a resignation, go home!

returned home, out of their own in the design of the company’s work side release, heart is really happy! I thought this level, that is PS that is the master, PS skilled! After a few weeks, and I sit. Parents always say I go out to see if there is no suitable unit, find a job! You can’t stay at home all day so consumed waste their youth!! I want to do so, and I was a man in a hurry. After dinner, came to the talent market, in several units turn, there is a network company recruitment, web site art design and background programmer, salary 1500 plus commission, fill out the form, hand in the information. Anyway, for me, is a piece of cake, and my appetite, after all, I still very good! I’m responsible person said, the other people you are not invited, responsible person listen to my words, "what can you do?? you tomorrow morning with your work, eight to interview! Early in the morning and went to the person in charge, first look at my PS works, then asked me the website works? I said he has no website, but definitely has the experience, he said you have done to other enterprises? I said yes, open the a site designed, looked at him! Hit it off, OK


for half a year, I think I do it or not, take their own technology for others to make it hard, then a few percent salary? I will do so, why I myself not to have a website? Besides, I have experience in graphic design, website design. Maintenance. What else can be difficult? Not to mention a small local site can rely on the above!

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