Web traffic grows over millions of simple skills

traffic is king and content is king, we cried on the network for many years, there are arguments, which is the most important, this question is similar to the first chicken or egg?. In fact, very simple, both important. The content is the key to stable flow, the flow is propaganda means, not to discard them, like you and me. He has no father or mother, no, no you.

I told you the experience of building their own skills,

1, do the station to focus, what long tail effect, we don’t, if you don’t believe you try, now you can do well?. You will do, what information is not, and I do not like to do keywords, so that we can see the flow of their website, so as to enhance your station information, power, and other things to say. Old technology, Baidu Fengyun list, as long as you can not do too much, why Baidu k you can not be greedy!


2 original to have this year, you also do the dumpster, garbage stations have advanced to the pseudo original, like senior, right, sell the program to earn money, you still have the senior program happy what, in the end also called the sale process of garbage, why bother. You know earlier station where there are no money, this sort of thing. Do some of the original events quickly, dawdle no meaning, there is no shortcut to wangzhuan. (except for those who have technology, but not to buy a program like this, to have the ability to develop…)

3 write soft Wen, figure Wang very good people, you say reasonable, will give you hair. Why don’t you give yourself the chance of promotion, is the notes you wrote that what is good, and now you say you don’t believe, why is it not a network, you may see a soft feeling really rubbish is own propaganda, and I wonder if people have soft cute. The content of it, those who only know will distinguish soft, curse, what, you don’t know it something of value, truth is ordinary, but you do not know why, blame others for it.

4 day included Baidu, people also love good, you stand rubbish, what a waste of people’s server and broadband, Hello, he is good, Baidu is good, you will be better, do a dumpster do. My forum server was shut down for 4 days, Baidu and Google have reduced the included, but I spent a few days to update the original article, it is not normal included, do not be afraid, good stuff will be found sooner or later, sincerely treat do stand as a person is


5 make a project and explain it from beginning to end. Now the rookie is the main body of the network, you will find a small problem they think there will be a special consulting you, do you think, any small problem is food, he will be grateful to you, you will find that after every day he come to your website, you don’t have a lot of publicity flow. This is my real experience, it can be said to be the details determine success or failure.

well, that’s it. Do stand like a man, and my station will do that, http://s.aqsmo>

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