WeChat operations how to keep writing and update your WeChat public account

because I now run a WeChat public accounts, public accounts for WeChat updates have deep feeling, no certain perseverance really difficult to stick to it, this paper mainly expounds some personal experience WeChat operating experience.


WeChat public accounts only published the original article I wrote, 2-3 articles per week, each 1000 words or more, and now the cumulative push of nearly 80 articles, did not do any form of promotion, fans are not many. But each article read rate is fairly good, a year ago has never written any articles, now insist on writing, writing articles now have the opportunity in the media published.

radio is inspired by others, do six months, basically updated every day, and now there are 92 programs, nearly 700 fans, in the lychee radio category under the top 20, the cumulative amount of play more than 50000.

tell me what you think,


and radio performance is only medium inferior to others, it is not what, but for me, unremittingly to write and speak, change me into a lot of writing skills in the work from the interest, by writing the business aspects of the article, solid business foundation, the accumulation of industry influence, and even a small the most important thing is to pay, I need the most confidence.

finally came to the point and talked about how he planned it,

writing is the two part, looking for inspiration, and then the realization of inspiration, these two parts are very important. No time alone, sitting in front of the computer stunned, half an hour can not jump out of a word. Or a lot of inspiration, but the work stirred people’s minds, confused, unable to give time, energy to elaborate, or.

has taken into account these two issues before operating WeChat’s public accounts, and made plans ahead of time,

writing content: the content is mainly based on the location of the account, and write their own work related to the topic, and then do a rough outline, probably also three class skills (sales ideas and Technology), work experience (with attitude, habits, the same thing), platform resources class (corporate culture, corporate mechanism, in accordance with this outline) as the main direction of their writing.

The new

and inspiration in the company, the recent hot topic, the direction of business within the industry, feel the value of writing, intended to write about the topic and outline written memo to the mobile phone, every day to give top priority to zero, zero no topic, in accordance with the previously drawn outline to write.

timing: taking into account the fixed time work nine to five arrangements, and then consider the company must work overtime, entertainment, business, accounting down, seven days a week, also took out a 2-3 night time to write, so the weekly writing plan is 2-3 article. I also thought about how to keep my passion for writing, because…

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