When will you be able to return the station to a stable DNS

I am an old geek, but new Adsense on the site, but I have a strong interest.

at 1 in the morning, I was chatting with some webmaster. In exploring how to promote local portal food website.

when people refer to each other’s website, they find out. The site cannot be accessed and immediately start looking for reasons when checking

When the

domain pointed, it gave us a very surprised answer. The domain name is automatically parsed back to the original register under IP. When a domain name is redirected to its server, it is discovered again. Simply can not resolve.

will dial the phone right away. Call new line customer service staff. And gave the domain name DNS problems, but the new network service the answer is just to get throught a thing carelessly shirk responsibility. Agent。 The agent is calling the domain name. It’s about 7 in the morning. DNS can be accessed normally when it is refreshed. And hang up the phone!


ask, new network, your company’s vision of the positioning of the target.

has become the largest Internet infrastructure service provider in Asia by first-class products and technical services,

is that an empty talk? Thousands of webmasters are supporting your company. And helped you stand firm in the Chinese Internet industry.

at this moment, you. But will you grow your support with, like the same kicked a stumbling block. Ignore and claim your vision from all walks of life. Do you feel shame? Ashamed? Look to new network evaluation in Post Bar. A new web wipes out its eyes.

, I wish you could be like Baidu and be able to shirk your responsibilities and find your own problems.

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