New film site experience novices do not take detours

I am a novice, is a grassroots, with enough spare time, I made a movie station, although this time many things and patent rights, the film is no exception, so a lot of movies ever made the webmaster said not to do small, do not make money, bigger is death, but there are still a lot of new movie website on the rise, although we can not and TOM365, the first to show these well-known brands, but as a hobby I chose to do a movie station below me, I make the movie station a month of experience, just want to contact a friend some help!

1. space station speed, no matter what the speed of the website is also fundamental premise, imagine a web page to open 10 seconds, then who will stand! So the space velocity must not be too bad, can consult the old webmaster and other friends in the choice of the space, you are ready to buy in the Baidu search look at the evaluation of space, space business other people! For the movie website as a collection of film images so the best in the IDC after the first trial under the collection generated at good speed of response, the best in the second to 3 seconds, the purchase must determine the IIS limit how much space is limited if the traffic! The spatial operators may choose the best monthly, I chose the monthly, do not use VPS, VPS and the cost of the server is not much difference, with the software query you want to buy space In the IP below what are the sites, it is best to choose no similar site or less IP?. Once the site run after facing the browsing speed unstable timeout space, web site is to die, then there is the choice of space must not just good, if people don’t eat up space will cause great pressure and negative effect, so it must not mean space speed, but also carefully


2. selection procedures, and now for the movie station open source is too much, the most widely used is MAXCMS, but the most suitable for the novice, MAX is second to none in the television program system, after several years of development has been quite perfect, almost all for the user experience of the modules are developed a variety of styles, templates, background fool installation and video acquisition, the novice is almost a mouse out of a movie station, shortcomings in the background support collected too much of the film repeatability is too high, suggestions collected manually after revised synopsis, imagine the network appeared one thousand times verbatim the page search engine will ignore you, take you directly into the trash can not recovery room, so don’t expect to be included after the collection, even if is also included Temporarily, no matter what Baidu GG is the one and only love the original, so be sure to modify the site collected data under the background of the film resources; in addition there are many good CMS, such as AND, succubus, network cats, search a podcast, QVODCMS, PHPVOD, CMS, sunny, VODCMS etc., program after selection must upgrade to >

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