How to build a successful shopping website

The emergence of

e-commerce, both domestic and foreign Internet, has emerged a large number of online shopping sites. The competition is too intense, how to let users give priority to find their own web site. This is the question many administrators of shopping websites are thinking about.

e-commerce is an industry that is highly integrated with search engines, at least for the time being. Most of the users who want to shop online will first search for information about the items in the search engine, and finally find a supplier of products or services.

shopping websites face more severe competition on the internet. Whether your shopping website is engaged in sales, digital, clothing, home appliances or office supplies. It is more difficult to compete in search engines than other types of websites.

shopping website combines SEO to choose, in search engine break through, it is the best network sale way.

1. Website structure of shopping website

generally speaking, shopping website information content is very rich, product coverage is very wide. This kind of website to do SEO service, the most suitable is SEO ZhengZhan optimization service. The site structure of such sites is important if all the information is not based on a good site structure. Will affect the website included, the page PR value promotion, the overall page ranking promotion. There are 3 suggestions for how to plan the website structure of your shopping website, such as web site:

1. uses TAG tag sorting;

2. is categorized by brand;

3. reduces search engines to include useless garbage pages;

two, shopping website page design

DIV+CSS W3C forms or forms are good, it is important to know how to arrange the contents of the web page, to avoid the station between the page similarity is too high.

three, shopping website URL optimization

total station key page URL static, this is a must. A small number of non key pages of URL, you can use dynamic URL, save programmers workload. The key page should be:

1. product list page;

2. product list pagination;

3. product page;

4.TAG tab classification page;

5. product brand page;

four, code optimization for shopping websites

shopping website, because it involves saving, deleting, modifying and other functions. Need to dynamic program in HTML code to determine the user’s operation. Therefore, shopping website HTML code optimization is very necessary. This has a higher requirement for programmers, and it needs to be simplified as much as possible

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