16 suggestions for improving web user experience

1, web site to open faster;

The opening speed of the

site directly affects how users feel about the sites they use. It’s hard to imagine what kind of feeling a web browser would give to a visitor for half a day. If it were me, I would leave right away and would not open the site again. Because such a website will delay my precious time, and it will seriously affect my mood. So try to avoid such slow Web browsing experience. Otherwise, it’s hard for users to like your site,.

2, try to limit the use of flash and pictures;

is appropriate with some pictures and flash, can increase the vitality of the site, to increase the visual impact. But the use of flash and pictures without limit. Can cause page large files, browse the CPU resource occupation, and is not conducive to the update and search engine for website crawl. If you are forced to use large FLASH and pictures, it must be optimized, such as: pictures to add " alt" attribute.

3, the web page should not be too long;

do you think how many are interested in watching the browse below your web content? Do not take themselves as a metaphor, because more than 99% people just learned how to access Internet users Jakob Neilson.1995 survey, U.S. users in 1994, only 10% of users will drag the scroll bar on the right side of the browser, and most of the 90% users, open a website, just browse the first screen to see the contents, that saw it all, and will not scroll down. " Chinese now has one too. And a large number. In a website home page, visual fatigue can see only the third screen content below 10% a long web site is easy to cause the visitor, not to mention most of the visitors are likely to have been the first two screen content to attract other go to the.


4, website navigation to design reasonable;

friendly navigation is the influence of user operations, can not make easy to use to find their own record of content to a page. Users do not know how to return to the previous page, do not know the current page in which column. This website is likely to users to a will not come again.

5, website information should be fast, accurate and reliable;

for a long time not updated information, it is easy to let your visitors feel disgusted, but also of this website will be your brand image greatly reduced in the heart. The website is the information carrier, visitors to the site, to see the website information, including related information, product information, service information and so on. The quality of the website information directly and profoundly influences the experience of the user. Information editing must have a certain standard, or do not try to avoid editing errors. For product information, >

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