Big website burn money fight competition stationmaster where is the outlet

recently Ganji invested heavily in public transport, overwhelming television, Internet and other media advertising, not only triggered a "intense discussion donkey nets" do SEO topic awake, more let us see these big sites in the current financial promotion and competition in order to amazing when to invest. Similar to this, not to mention Baidu, Taobao, Alibaba and other large Internet giants strength to fight efforts in the burn, so as to the grassroots individual owners facing the competition situation, will undoubtedly be a greater pressure.

as a "weak" lack of financial and human resources, and even on personal webmaster, find a piece of territory belonging to their own thinking in the Internet in the vast ocean, through personal efforts and hard work, share the Internet even a small piece of cake, a personal profit. However, in the face of a large shift in the website to burn the competition, relying on the Internet when suddenly suspect a force can be the days of entrepreneurship seems to have "gone for ever"? As a small webmaster personal webmaster, to start, to succeed, to become famous, and in what way?

There is a saying called "

China have long tapping his short", in Mao Zedong’s modern military thought also referred to "avoid the director, hit it short", emphasize the same ideas, that is not to take their own weaknesses, the strengths of our competitors and enemies to touch, to take your strengths or find, develop their own strengths to the opponent and weaknesses to compete with their own advantage, to gain the victory in the competition, occupy a world, create success. Specific to the site of the competition, the small owners can reference the thoughts in this traditional wisdom, be flexible in the competition, with the wisdom and carry out large-scale website competition, constantly adjust to find their own advantages, so as their own a share in the internet. Combined with the practice of website operation, we can do it from the following aspects:

one, to create their own "difference" advantage.

The advantages of

in the face of large website of capital and talents, the relationship between various scale, small owners in these areas can not compete with, otherwise it is tantamount to a "battle". To make a profit and win the competition among the big competitors, we must cultivate the "difference" advantage of our website. This requires the webmaster to work hard in the previous work, study the development strategy of large websites, analyze its content and find the "short board" hidden under its strong appearance. For example, some large web site to provide information, fresh fast updated information to attract users, but in the resource download especially fine resources download more shortage, then small owners can provide excellent resources on efforts to build a small website free of charge or fine resources download platform, thus highlighting the characteristics. To establish and strengthen their own advantages of "difference". In the process of creating "differentiation" advantage, there is no definite method, and the webmaster should according to the position and theme of his website

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