3 months to build Baidu included 5000 P10000 site

first point: not the industry veteran station mouth jide.

Last September

the QQ station (www.qqsucai.com.cn) station, after two months, Baidu algorithm updates, leading the rest of a home, after all Links stagnant, do site my station removed, anger and helpless, who let oneself of the station was pulled into the "bald chicken". And then busy other things on the station to forget, and busy two months later, and suddenly think of this station SITE, is still a home page. Decadent…… And then all day in the top of the Admin5 to read the articles of experts, stealing skills from one or two, there is the idea of revision of the site.


had the idea is two days a week and the idea of change, the specific approach is to modify the static page storage path and a 3 increase in two level classification. After 9 days of rest, revision completed, and then go actively looking for the chain, in numerous contempt and indifference after the reply, understand, a Baidu included home page station, who is going to link with you?. Then find figure eldest brother communication, figure boss said: soft Wen promotion, let the station active up first. After the first article sent, one week, two weeks old, the third Thursday morning routine check, stay cool, more than 1000, IP also increased from the original single digits to more than 200 confidence. The same day, a soft text brewed out, and a week later, IP grew more than 900, included jump to more than 2600. This time to find someone else to do link, because Baidu is updated daily, the same site also greeted. Excited to find figure boss report, figure boss said: "insist on, don’t pride, don’t dry.". Also pointed out that I wrote an article, 3 weeks later included 5200, IP3000. And for several Links, own experiences wrote a sentiment with links sent out yesterday about Baidu keyword adjustment included did not rise much, keywords ranking directly in the good to the old station, IP crazy rise yesterday in the following quote statistics.

traffic today: 6258 IP21068 PV

traffic yesterday: 12786 IP42081 PV

through the above practical operation, draw experience as follows: the chain is important, new sites to do more promotion, the specific method is to write the soft, and other methods have not tried, perhaps there is better way than this. Soft Wen sent out, each engine spiders around your station, want not to be included are difficult. Contains up, even more to find similar sites that link to keywords ranking, website open speed fast, get rid of complicated useless code and ornate decoration, concise, content is king is the hard truth.

finally, I wish you all lots of stops and a good station. Support Admin5, support my little station (www.qqsucai.com.cn).

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