Are graduates suitable for entrepreneurship

At present we

the social status quo in the continuous progress, but with the arrival of the financial crisis, it does make a lot of enterprises and our company began operating difficulties, and even some enterprises directly facing the collapse.

the same problem, the company operating difficulties to layoffs, they are faced with graduation, can be said to be the graduate unemployment state, according to the recent network, there are a lot of newspapers, television and other media have reported, even a little also said, "now college students looking for work is not good, my friend of migrant workers" do not love to hear this, although the situation reflects the very real, but it is a bit of a group of people to feel contempt, migrant workers and labour are brothers, just graduated from this college friends are generally not, something we should complement can learn from.

according to the present situation, some college friends looking for work but also look at the East West, which is correct or if necessary, than I do of the predecessors have been advocating for a reason, the first post employment jobs, I have been recording the word "academic graduate employment -> -> -> industry; -> -> -> business occupation; -> -> -> industry; industry life – 10 step, the essence of life is not available, but the struggle!", I have been in this remind yourself, step by step at ease, I will benefit. The problem is that just graduated from college friends, their ability must grasp, if they feel for their own work can work from the first job, you will learn a lot of knowledge, it can lay the foundation for your future work. The word "ambitious" I think everyone has heard a clear his meaning, but this time it is a derogatory term, only when you succeed you will think this word is a derogatory and commendatory terms, how, how is commendatory, here is an attitude of a grasp of things look, if you have faith, this left after we consider.

said the employment of college graduates, part of the selection of the employment, another part of the business the number is not much, but still want to show a little consideration, if you choose entrepreneurship, we must grasp the opportunity, not Yo blind, so that you will be like a fly without head hit back and forth to this, with the entrepreneurial heart College A Bin I have had, so standing in the angle of peers warned a few, a few of my views provide.

has decided to start first, can choose a few like-minded friends to participate, the number of their best grasp the sense of proportion, 1-3 recommended a personal best, so we have to bear the common pressure than a person alone suffer much better;

second, no matter what the situation, you must be ready to be hit at any time;

third is to touch your pocket if you have enough start-up capital, no funds

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