Do insist on standing or looking for a quiet life

last October, the third semester, through the help of students, made a very garbage QQ station, and even the program is the default system. At that time, Baidu included in the new time is not long, less than a week was collected, and then looking at the tiny spots of IP, although IP is less, but very interested. Also because the university class is few, every day has the time to be able to add several articles to come up. Two months later, IP finally broke through one thousand, ha ha ~ happy then. Also began to put GG advertising, looking forward to income. Although only one dollar a day, sometimes less, but also very happy. After the new year home, it may be my luck, IP every day on the rise, to the beginning of the school, there has been 4000IP. It was full of momentum then. The station reached its peak by May, IP eighteen thousand.

, however, only stayed for a month and then was reduced to power by Baidu. Oh, that was one of the worst moment. I think most webmaster have experienced this kind of time.

, but I did not give up, with nearly half a year of experience, and continue to do the station, and cut off time to do a new station up, and now there are many stations, ha ha. May be my luck is still, I do new sites, generally in two months after the rankings will come up. The total flow is still good.

has graduated now, I do not know whether the work or full-time do station, do stand, I believe I will do better, at least in this big city, buy a house, buy a car is very promising. Work? I think a lot of people who know the matter? About one million of the real wage to buy, it is difficult to……..

however, resist the requirements of the house, with the experience of standing, applied for a network company to do SEO work. Work done fairly well, work a week to complete the optimization of the two lists, but in the company has been managed, can not do their own thing, day by day is very boring. This life is not what I want…

, after a while, sooner or later, choose a path that suits you,

here just want to say to you Webmaster: do stand very hard, but in your persistence, to learn, to grasp the opportunity,

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