High quality information is the foundation prompting the user to pay the bill is the key

for the website, the operation of the ultimate goal is to let users spend on the site, even if it is not able to direct consumption, but also through the user driven innovation to website profit pattern, thus indirectly make website gain, this website can be in today’s competitive environment to live in relatively moist a little, how can let users on the site for direct consumption or indirect consumption? Information quality is the site of the core foundation.

high quality information allows users to benefit from

why high quality information is to let users consumer base? Because website operators is to allow users to get the harvest on the site, and then the premise of this harvest down can enhance the user’s trust, so some activities on the site, including promotional activities, the launch of the VIP membership function can let users enjoy, naturally, in the users to enjoy their own welfare at the same time, the construction of the nature will pay some money to help the site better, so this is a process of mutual satisfaction of website, provide users with high quality information, users make financial support for the website development, thus forming a harmonious the relationship between mutual development.

How important

shows high quality information is to promote the development of the website, but many owners do not understand, that as long as the site traffic, we can make money, of course, in a sense, this idea is correct, because the more traffic, the web site is more money, but to know the current traffic growth and the site is in direct proportion to the relationship, why can Taobao flow become electronic business leader, in addition to Taobao has rich resources and good experience, there is one important reason is that large investments, such as micro-blog’s acquisition of sina style is an important factor, so for most of the webmaster, who can have a big hand this pen


so for most owners, the best way is the natural accumulation of website to enhance the quality of information through the user to increase website traffic, this is a process of word-of-mouth, so from the speed is relatively slow, but from the user stickiness has better effect, the corresponding cost will be reduced. Create high quality information to benefit naturally become the most important way to master innovative profit model allows users to.

how to make users happy to pay

After the

website with user based on high quality information, it should try to make users happy consumption, this needs the webmaster brains to think of some innovative ways of earnings, Taobao customer nature is an inevitable choice, but how in the information or in the relevant page allows the user to launch Taobao customers happy to accept is a hard place, the best way is to insert the corresponding Taobao customers in high quality information, it’s like in the TV series into advertising, the soft advertising effect can make users happy to pay.

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