How does the website register catalog


web login catalog is not as simple as submitting it to an automatic search engine, which usually only needs to enter a URL. The steps to log into categories are to query various topics, find the directories that are best for them, then start submitting them, fill in the details of the site, and contact the company. In choosing the correct directory login, it is best to use your main keyword search all categories of websites, study the relevant directory of existing sites, in short, choose the most suitable for their website login. Some directories provide directory login instructions, which are worth reading before submission to ensure foolproof.

Another way for

to identify categories is to search your competitors directly on all categories of sites, and see which directory they are listed in, which may also be the most suitable category for you.

if your web service is specific to a regional market, you need to submit it to your regional directory. For example, if you offer a car rental service in the city of Sydney, Australia, log in to the Yahoo regional directory instead of the Yahoo’s universal rental directory.

log on Yahoo! Directory

has some directories that deserve great attention and research, such as Yahoo!. The English Yahoo directory is paid for, but even if paid, it is not guaranteed to log in. It is possible to pay $299 and still find nothing. The key to log on to Yahoo is to select the right directory, the appropriate site description, and don’t exaggerate the rendering.

login category DMOZ

another crucial directory is DMOZ (ODP). DMOZ is entirely edited by volunteers, and a serious editor lacks staff. Many times your web site has to be submitted for at least half a year before being reviewed, so submit DMOZ to be patient. In addition to logging in according to the above rules, be prepared to wait, wait, and wait.

successfully logged on to DMOZ:


submission rule:

1) submit only once, unless your website was completely removed from the search engine

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