Analysis reasons for the website to collect fees

inadvertently saw an article "the essence of information not free on the Internet, search engines can be part of the innovative nature", mentioned Internet information charges "justified", "is the information storage, transmission and operation are energy. And energy seems to have never been free on this earth." Here said the right, although it is very easy to copy and paste information, do not need what information processing and production costs, but the store a lot of information on the need for server load, as Google has so large database, light is the server site requires considerable space. If the Google are completely free, then from what channels to obtain funds can provide a storage server space? So it can not guarantee the interests of users, but also the most basic web site is the identity of enterprises, for enterprises, the most basic purpose is profit, if has been in a state of "money" so, I think any company will not continue to go on business. Of course, the server problem is just one aspect, to provide information services for the enterprise, there is no direct income, so we can not guarantee the valuable information provided can not provide effective services, so that the people using the interests can not be guaranteed.


also mentioned the loss brought by spam, "every year around the world because he lost tens of billions of dollars, China also billions of dollars, we more or less have received spam, it can be said that the" hate "ah, this is a negative effect, free information brought by the flood, resulting in valuable information by that flooded, increased the users search obstacles. In fact, this is similar to the lemon, why so many companies are so hated piracy? How many consumers dislike the inferior goods? The most important point is that it can bring consumers qualified quality products, directly harm the interests of enterprises and consumers, indirectly also damages the interests of society. The charging of information has, to some extent, curbed such a thing.

there are deep reasons for paying for his services. He is reasonable and an important means of maintaining world order. Because of the payment service, the resources on the earth have been optimized and the economy developed." Money, as a means of circulation, as the intermediary function, there is a "equivalent exchange" principle in economics, a person to pay more, so he rewarded more, of course, here is the economy. A simple example of a dress in quality, tailoring and workmanship are very fine, so the price of it than other styles of clothes more expensive, consumers need to pay more money to get this dress right, so, the production of clothing enterprises will have a more wealth, therefore, the enterprise has the ability to produce or develop better clothes to meet consumer demand, at the same time he created for society’s wealth is quite large.

information is also a kind of "business >"

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