Being optimistic but not in good condition online recruitment needs introspection

network recruitment of this new job search way of development, indeed attract more and more people to stand in observation, everyone wants to find a job in the recruitment site satisfaction. So the job seekers are registered members, wide vote resume, but the final result is not ideal, so much seems to have no echo, really few receive a reply. Network recruitment has been developing for decades, according to reason, has formed a standardized business model, in the market should have a decisive influence. But compared to the current market trends, people are always too strong to raise the power of online recruitment. That is to say, what you see and experience is two different concepts. The network recruitment, is a common phenomenon, of course, can not deny, there are also some recruitment website has done very well, all this is because station varies, but the whole industry is indeed to people in the present a trend of shrinking.

recruitment network does influence is undeniable, why do people always rely on the network recruitment is not so trustworthy? Network recruitment is a seemingly prosperous prospect, a great future, came in and found that is not as legendary as the outside world is magical, what is the development trend of the network recruitment the shrinking? The following in-depth analysis from four points of insufficient network recruitment.

first, the site of the site is more common. It means that the existing quantity and form of online recruitment have reached the saturation state on the whole, and the excessive competition has resulted in a serious oversupply of recruitment websites in the market. For example, in certain areas, two or three recruitment website can originally to meet the needs of the market, but now generally appeared in the same regions of a dozen such recruitment website, there are 50% different web content similar information. In this way, under the same rate, the development of network recruitment is not in the quality of struggle, not in spelling service, not in the idea of spelling, but in the number of sites. Industry competition pressure, but few have excellent stand out. The development of such unbridled, dilute the former industry development advantages, many small sites is shoddy, collection and integration of all similar website information resources, but not a healthy growth space. We have copied and copied, there are not only the excess number of websites, excessive content, but also the recruitment website bubble.

second, the form of network recruitment is too single. Network recruitment into people’s lives, changed some job search methods, the effect is not very obvious, the advantages of online job search is too thin. Now most of the recruitment of the network positioning is not accurate, the source of information is too single, the focus is on the form of expression is too single. Now most of the recruitment network or information network is completely absorbed, presented to the user in the "comprehensive", this form of efficiency is very low, users need to spend a lot of time and energy to screening, finally contact each other answer is almost negative, It is often seen. such phenomenon. There are very few websites

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