Analysis of Fuzhou decoration company SEO ranking in 2017


decoration company Xiaobian for website, SEO early writing is essential, we need to have the development goals, and in accordance with the idea of writing efficient operation of a good website.

on the Fuzhou decoration company program writing, can be divided into two main categories, the external optimization of the site and optimize the operation of the site.

site external optimization operations

first of all, we need to have a certain understanding of the industry, according to industry and development goals to locate the site, determine the user groups of the site.

lists issues such as the status of the site, whether it’s new, and whether it’s already running.

Fuzhou decoration company brand: in the brand at the same time, by the way to solve the problem of trust.

Fuzhou decoration company project analysis: each project is standardized, whether it can do model out, and then step by step in accordance with the model to set

Fuzhou decoration company rankings controllable factors: summary improvement. Factors that are not involved, such as some special needs of the user, are improved.

instructions: make specific instructions on the need to do each optimization. In addition, the specific conditions of the program, such as the affected factors: implementation, input, cycle. List all these factors and write them out.

aperiodic recording. Provide a reference for future optimizations or improvements.

periodic Optimization: need to predict the optimal cycle of each project, such as how long is an optimization cycle, different stages to achieve what kind of effect, what is the effect of prediction?.

program core part: expected, execution, manpower, financial resources.

stage budget: projected performance.

optimizations: content sources, search engine types. Is it professional?.


will write the executive body of the program, the program executor, the proposal writing organization, the author, and the specific date of writing.

site internal optimization operations

1, domain name, path

2, tdk

3, code, H1, a tags, nofollow, 301, 404, robots.

4, logo, logo must bring home link

5, navigation, bread crumbs,

6, banner, 3


7, home layout

8, links

9, column page

10, details page

11, station

12, the chain

13, push techniques, maps. For example:

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