College master how long can you hold on

met a little girl in the Qilu SEO group today. It looks like she’s interested in SEO and wants to develop herself in the SEO world. A just graduated college students, a sincere webmaster feelings, with the faith forward all the way forward.

When the

group started the topic, some people asked me what kind of person for SEO? I said a wise man; then someone asked only clever people to learn SEO, not a wise man is not suitable for studying? My answer is very reluctantly, everyone can learn, but a clever man to make money with SEO; and some people ask, what kind do you belong to? I smiled and answered, I am bad to others can’t tell what kind of person.

then I sent an article he had written in Admin5 on a "understanding of Qilu SEO company, Shandong SEO team" peep of the article, we have a girl There were many discussions. Later, with me, asked whether I was a member of the Shandong SEO team? I answered honestly, not. Then she asked me, "is the SEO team in Shandong asking you to go, and you didn’t go?" I continued. "No, I haven’t graduated yet.". This is the little girl who just met, a graduate student, her name is leaf.

she has no website, no SEO technology, just like the SEO technology and those who have their own stations. I always feel that as a student of computer, these seem simple, but in their eyes, it’s not so simple. It’s very deep inside.

suddenly felt as if he were imposing. Simple things are not easy to do. From a very early time, everyone began to say: "do stand, insist.". And at the moment, and then look at the whole variety of college students in the group of webmaster, and there are a few experienced wind and rain, and insist on now,


sometimes feel their website has no value, shaking his head changed, changed, many familiar with the station did not look at those fancier places like homeless children and drifting somewhere else. At this time, it was found that they have value, their own interests, but a lot of people who have relied on lost direction.

made several material station or QQ non mainstream garbage station, soon have traffic, soon earned the network advertisement, even Google’s favor, enough when they move in a new, two repeated excavation, repeated three.

now, know that Baidu is not included, search by K, recall their do stand experience, suddenly feel nothing at all. In fact, sometimes I don’t feel like standing in order to make money, because you can’t earn enough money all over the world. We need to improve the rational, we use SEO, not to optimize the station, but first optimize the idea.

really do a good stand, is the principle of persistence. Serve the people so well that people can make your station stand. Like "leaves", help her, she will be green to shine, and naturally can take you

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