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as a Web designer and developer, each project we design has specific goals and requirements. But at the same time, there is a common goal, that is, to impress users, so that they can not forget. Interesting experiences can often bring pleasure to people, while pleasure is often unforgettable. Therefore, to design an impressive website, adding some interesting elements is one of the design methods.

Jeremy Girard A Fun Approach published "To Creating More Successful Websites" in Smashing Magazine, which lists a series of successful websites, their clever use of interesting elements, has achieved great success, touched the heart of the user, and give users leave a deep impression. CSDN compiled the text, the contents are as follows:

talks about

from the The Fun Theory web site

a while ago, I received a link from the The Fun Theory site (it was a Volkswagen investment project). The site focuses on a competition that encourages users to redesign or think about what they encounter in their daily lives – and add some fun to them. The designs should be interesting enough to attract more people and use them conveniently.

Among the many videos released by

on the Internet, I like a video named Piano Staircase. In this video, the object is a staircase in the subway. At the foot of the stairs there is an elevator. As we expected, most people usually use the elevator during the trip, not the stairs.


The Fun Theory website

one night, after the subway station closed, the elevator turned into a huge piano keyboard, and people stepped on with music. The second day, when the pedestrians passed the site again, they were attracted by the huge Piano staircase, and many people preferred to try the piano, instead of using the elevator. In fact, since the staircase has been redesigned, it has increased the number of users by more than 66% – a surprising growth point.

also adds some fun to our website,


saw the video, I first thought about how we could use the experience of the above successful Web as a design professional to add some fun to our work.

creates a fun user experience by adding fun, and the user is not only willing to use it, it’s impressive, but he also shares the experience with other people. < >

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